Tuesday, September 23, 2008

27 Shirts

The other night my sister said, "Someone should write a blog about the 27 shirts I have to iron." She wasn't kidding - she really does have 27 shirts to iron. She DID have 27 shirts to iron, now I think she is down to 15 or 16.

Want to know the craziest part of all? All 27 of those shirts are work shirts. Either she gets really dirty at work and has to change shirts often, or she doesn't do enough laundry.

In honor of Becca and her 27 shirts, I want to list 27 reasons why I love her:
1. She loves me, even when I'm ornery.
2. She makes the best bread in the world!
3. Her favorite thing in the world is Splash Mountain at Disneyland.
4. Her nighttime routine: leave the light switch on, pull the fan string 2.5 times, shut the door so the clocks don't tick off beat...you probably just have to experience it.
5. She does her best to make our backyard beautiful.
6. She sprays hornets nests. (Except for the big ones, she makes me do that.)
7. Cathy's Clown (whatever Bec)
8. She watched 8 hours of Dances with Wolves with me...all at one time.
9. She is the world's best "Disney's Scene It" player
10. When we have sleepovers with the kids she lets me have the couch.
11. She knows to pull the bedspread over the sheets before she sits on my bed.
12. She keeps the freezer stocked with yummy treats.
13. She keeps me from starving.
14. She drives me home at night when I'm tired.
15. She rescued me from the mall parking lot when I thought I was going to die!
16. She's rock solid in the things that matter most.
17. She beat ovarian cancer... twice.
18. Sometimes she has to re-wash the clothes in the washer two or three times because who has time to rotate the laundry?
19. She has some really great couches!
20. She made me a really great CD.
21. She is a duck.
22. She has a duck.
23. Her duck is still wearing it's winter outfit.
24. Yes, she buys outfits for the duck.
25. She is Ohio State's football team's biggest fan....even though she's never watched a game.
26. She'll watch Crossroads with me.
27. She's the best twin sister a girl could ask for!


Aaron and JaLae said...

Funny thing is that while I as I was reading this... I could imagine Becca ironing her 27 shirts! I love ya Becca.

I love you more Noelle.

OzzyFamily said...

Noelle, I was so happy to get your email about how you have joined the blogging world. I have been terrible at keeping in touch and now I can see what you've been up to -- you are still as beautiful as ever and I'm glad to see you are doing well and enjoying life. We are in Logan Ut now. I will have to email you more later. You can see some pics of my kids on our blog. We've been busy :) Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Noelle, I am so glad you are blogging these days. And you blog regularly, so you get extra credit! I am a blog stalker so I check yours pretty much on a daily basis. :)

I loved your post on Becca. She is one of my favorite people as well. Just reading your post made me laugh because it was SO her!

Becca, I luv ya and when you are done with your shirts, I have 27 more you can iron in Cedar City (I personally only iron about once a year - thank goodness, wrinkle release spray). ;)

Camaree Staheli

Manda Lou said...

:) You made ME cry and I'm not even Becca. She's a great one she is. Yay for Becca B!

Lori said...

what a great tribute!! as for the ironing 27 shirts thing...i would have her switch to wrinkle free. yikes.

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet! I remember reading this one when i initially began reading you. It was a link in one pre-wedding post, i think.

I love the bond all you girls have. Whoever said large families fought- i rubbish those statements asap. Sisters are so good and you girls look beautiful in blue- picture perfect!

Where is that duck? I want to see it!