Monday, October 27, 2008


"Noelle, when will you learn you aren't that young anymore?"

"Noelle, you have got to stop acting like a teeny bopper."

"Noelle, I swear I'm going to wrap you in bubble wrap and keep you inside at all times."

These are the comments I've heard the last few days. I would like to say they aren't warranted, but alas, they probably are.

One day at work the following things happened:

My pants got caught on a wire, causing me to trip and fall. I twisted my ankle, and the wire cut up my leg. Five minutes later I stepped in a sink hole of sorts, twisted the same ankle again, and fell on my knee. Later, I was loading some plants onto a trailer and didn't see that a side light was broken. The screw that holds the light in place was exposed and when I walked past it, it gouged my leg. I came in to the office to recover and bent to pick something up. When I stood back up I smacked my head on the counter and with that, I called it a day.

Saturday my sister and I hiked another mountain. The weather was beautiful and we managed the 8 mile hike with no serious mishaps. I was feeling pretty confident that my unlucky streak was over. I am NOT normally a klutz and I was looking forward to being normal again.

After we finished our hike I went to my brother's house to talk to my cute 2 year old nephew. (My brother lives across the street from my parents.) Josh wanted to show me something and so he led me past the house, around a big tree, and over into the neighbor's field. There is a cinder block wall that separates my brother's house from the neighbor's field. The wall is built like a staircase for a few feet, before it levels out and becomes just a solid wall. Josh climbed the 'stairs' with my help and was standing on top of the wall looking at the roof of an old shed. "Noelle, come see up here! Come see this!" I was never very good at resisting cute 2-year-olds and so I climbed up onto the second of the four 'stairs'. As I went to put my foot on the 4th block, the block I was standing on fell off, taking me with it. (Guess it wasn't cemented like it should have been.)

I fell backwards off the wall and landed on the ground. It wasn't a soft landing. The back of one leg smacked against one of the cinder blocks as I was falling, and then my back and head were the next to make contact with the ground. As luck would have it, I landed right on top of an old bed frame that had been left there for who knows how long. I could feel myself starting to pass out, and I could hear Josh crying. My fall scared him to death and he was still on top of the wall, holding on to the roof of the shed. I willed myself to not pass out and then stood up and got Josh off the wall.

"Noelle fall and get a red ouchy?" were the first words Josh said. He took my hand and started to pull me. "Let's find Mommy. Let's find Mommy." Thankfully my mommy was outside and so as we rounded the big tree I stopped and called for my mom.

By this point I had gone into shock a little bit and because I had smacked my head so hard my ears were ringing and everything was fuzzy. My mom and sister helped me into the house and we assessed the damage.


One very BIG goose egg on the back of my head, possible concussion.
Big bruise and cut where the cinder block wall made contact with the back of my leg.
Bigger bruise (12" or so) where my back made contact with the bed frame.
Even bigger goose egg and bigger bruise on thigh of other leg, with some scratches and cuts.
Bruises and cuts on the backs of both arms.
BIGGEST bruises and cuts on my poor ... ummm ... searching for a word here ... I'll just say I can't sit comfortably. Direct contact with the end of a bed frame will do that.
Stiff, stiff, stiff neck. Did I mention my neck was stiff? Maybe it's whiplash...don't really know.
General aches and pains EVERYWHERE.

Now, with all of that said, I'm very lucky. It could have been worse. If I had fallen even 8 inches the other way I would have landed on top of some rebar stakes sticking up. Just think of how traumatized Josh would have been then!

Ice packs are my new best friends.

I promise to not climb any more cinder block walls! Ever!!!


Kim Garrett said...

Noelle, Noelle, Noelle!
What are we going to do with you???
And I thought I was accident prone!!

Aaron and JaLae said...

I'm laughing...but not at your expense. Well...not really. Okay...maybe sort of. You're cute Noelle.

I like you.

Karen said...

oh, I'm feeling sympathy pains for you. you poor thing!!!

Carlie said...

You're just part of the fam. I think we are all that way! Hey, cool, you are a blogger! I found your link from sara. I'll have to add you to my blog roll!

Brynn said...

I hope your boss is giving you enough time off of work to heal. Good job not passing out.

Anonymous said...

OMG! This happened??? I am screaming a lot of "Ouch! Ouch!" here. Oww, what do I say? I am glad this is an OLD story.