Friday, October 10, 2008

What Is It About Pizza?

We had pizza for lunch yesterday. We haven't had pizza for months. The guys in my office prefer the modernized pizza: BBQ chicken pizza for example. I prefer the $5.00 pepperoni pizza from Little Ceasars. Because I picked it up I got to choose.

When I pulled into the parking lot of Little Ceasars I noticed the car that pulled up next to me. An older lady got out, while an even older lady (she may have been in her mid 90's) stayed in the car. I imagined the older of the two saying to perhaps her daughter, "Dear, let's eat pizza today. It sounds good to me."

I thought of my grandma who is 92. She lives in a town too small for any kind of pizza place and yet if you happen to be visiting her during a meal time, there's an 85% chance you'll get pizza - the frozen kind.

During the last year of my grandpa's life he lived on three things: potato chips - all kinds - root beer, and you guessed it, pizza. Well meaning neighbors brought him meals and suggested that I try harder to give him a well-balanced diet. "He's 93," I thought, "let him eat what he wants. He's earned it." He wanted pizza, I bought him least once a week. His last meal before he slipped into a coma and died: pizza and root beer.

Maybe it's something in the sauce.


Abraham and Sara said...

Reading your post made me want Little C's pizza. Mmmm. There is nothing better to me than good old pepperoni pizza.

David G. Woolley said...

Like I've been trying to tell you, all that bad food will kill you. For sure. Pizza. Root Beer. Chips. That's the kind of meal they give inmates on death row. Love your post.


Kim Garrett said...

Now I want pizza! Go to That is where you will find more backgrounds for your blog!