Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

Here you go: Everything you ever wanted to know about my childhood. Trust me, you wanted to know this stuff!


1. Manic Monday - The Bangels

*One year we took my dad's business partner's mini-van and drove to Disneyland. We didn't have a car big enough for the entire family to ride comfortably for that long. Thanks to Lon we were on our way to bigger and better adventures! Lon had a Bangels tape in the tape deck and we listened to that tape OVER and OVER again. Manic Monday became my favorite song. That Christmas I got my very own Bangels tape and a new tape player! I was one happy kid!!!

2. Cathy's Clown - Reba McIntire

*I'll be honest. I have NO recollection of this song being my favorite song. However, my dear sister Becca swears that this was my favorite song. She claims I sang it all the time. Out of the two of us, I have a much better memory and I thought I had won this battle...until my mom said that Becca was right and I was wrong. This is me admitting that I guess I might possibly have maybe been wrong.

3. Barry Manilow - any song.

*My mom had this old, old, old pea green radio that sat in the corner of her kitchen counter for years. Saturday -cleaning day- she would turn the volume up and sing along with Barry Manilow. One of my most vivid memories is of my mom mopping the floor. She always used Pinesol and to this day I can't hear a Barry Manilow song without smelling Pinesol and seeing a mop bucket filled with dirty water and Cheerios.

4. Platt Men - singing any song, any time.

*My dad and his brothers have amazing voices. They can harmonize better than anyone I've heard. One of my very favorite things is to sit and listen to them sing. We have family songs that have been passed down through a few generations, and our family reunions just aren't complete without an hour or two spent singing. It makes my heart happy.


Oh dear...I didn't have any friends. I don't say that thinking 'poor picked on little ol' me'. My greatest friends, and the ones I did everything with were my brothers and sisters. We were all really close in age (my mom had 6 of us under the age of 4 - triplets and twins will do that for a person) and so we did everything together. We had neighbor kids we played with and I still see some of them from time to time, but my siblings were the only real friends I had. UNLESS...can I count 'things' as friends? Sure I can, this is my blog.

1. Cheer Bear Care Bear - The pink one with the rainbow on his stomach. My grandma gave it to me. I LOVED LOVED LOVED that silly little bear and I still have it.

2. Pink Blanket - Lovingly made by the same grandma. It's old and threadbare but when I'm sick or feeling sad, I wrap myself up in that blanket and the world always seems like a little better place.

3. Punky Brewster - Can you honestly tell me that she didn't feel like your friend too?

4. Grandma Rasmussen - I realized that besides my siblings, she was my very best friend. (Yep, same grandma who made the blanket and gave me the care bear.) I had sleepovers at her house nearly every weekend. We talked on the phone many times a week, and my childhood was blessed because of her.


1. I was nosey. I hated not being part of every conversation and not knowing everything about everyone. I wouldn't say that I purposefully listened in on conversations - I was just incredibly observant. I saw and heard things that no one else ever knew anything about. As a child this was a weakness because I didn't have the ability to put some things in their proper perspective and it caused me a lot of angst. And by default, that caused my mom a lot of angst. Sorry Mom.

2. I was afraid of living. I would never allow myself to try new things, or experience much, because of my fears. As long as something was within my comfort zone I was fine, but the minute it went beyond that comfort zone I would freeze and refuse to do anything.

I have tried extremely hard to overcome fear. And I think for the most part I have accomplished that. I will do things now that I AM afraid of, to prove to myself that I can do it.

3. dad would tell you I didn't like to admit when I was wrong. But from my very mature 10 year old view point, neither did he. When we were in trouble for something it was ALWAYS me who stood up for our rights...who defended our actions...who told Dad that this time he was wrong, not us. Ha ha ha...made for some lovely times growing up.

4. I was a clean freak. Perhaps you're saying that is not a weakness...but when you're 12 and you haven't figured out how to have patience with those around you who aren't clean me, it's a weakness.


1. I was the world's greatest second mother. I know, that could be a weakness, but I choose to see it as a strength. My poor siblings put up with a lot from me. But at least we weren't late for school, and we usually had our homework done...right?

2. I was a clean freak. Ask my mom, she will tell you this was a strength!

3. I could talk any babysitter, any time, into letting me stay up later than the rest of my siblings. The most frequent babysitter we had was kind of afraid of our big, dark house, and I could usually convince her that my staying up late was her greatest source of protection. I'm laughing at the memories.

4. I knew what I was getting for Christmas every year...before Christmas day. That I can recall, there was only one year where my mom won the game. She found a hiding place that I didn't. Well done Mom...well done.


1. Tia
2. JaLae
3. the esteemed Mr. Woolley (will he stoop this low?)
4. anyone who reads my blog but never leaves a comment


Tia said...

Do I answer on your blog or mine?

Noelle said...

Yours... :)

Tia said...

That's what I was afraid of... :)

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rplatt said...

I feel a little vindicated as well.
I knew this day would come. :)

Aaron and JaLae said... this one of those forwards where you are going to have a curse put upon your house and family if you don't forward it on?

David G. Woolley said...

No Jalea. Your home won't be cursed. You'll just grow a third eye in the middle of your forehead.

Stoop this low? Are you kidding? The Top of the Morning isn't just any ordinary blog. It is public domain. Its high-minded stuff. Its doctrine and recipes and feel-good all in the same mouse click. I just don't think there's room for a third eye at the Top of the Morning.

Let me think about it.

Okay. No.


Noelle said...

I knew Dave wouldn't do it, but J??? I thought you would be up for the challenge! :)

Tia said...

That was a hard one!

Tiff said...

I was hurt that I wasn't one that you wanted answers from...until I figured you probably knew all the answers. This could be fun!

Noelle said...

Go ahead Tiff, I make you #4.

Anonymous said...

She can have my place...


OzzyFamily said...

I loved reading about your childhood -- great job responding to my tag! Hope you have a great time in Cancun :)