Monday, November 24, 2008

One Week Later

It's now a week after my surgery and I've finally moved from my mom's couch to my own bed. Things are looking up!!! Here are some things I've learned during the last week:

-My parent's house is way more chaotic now than it ever was when we seven kids were growing up! My mom said one day, "I need to install a revolving door." She's not kidding! In one day all seven kids and the three in-laws will undoubtedly show up at least once. My mom will have at least one of her 8 grandkids (but usually more than one) at her house at nearly all hours of the day.

One night my brother (who lives across the street) walked in the door with his 2 year old son Josh. After a greeting of "What's up?" my brother said "Josh is on a mission." And boy was he ever. He NEEDED to go to Grandma's house because he NEEDED a package of Nemo Fruit Snacks. Good thing Grandma didn't let Josh down!

-My parents will probably always have to take care of their kids ouchies. My mom has been the world's best nurse and I love her for it!!! My sister who is married with three kids of her own, has a staff infection. Well maybe...we're waiting for the test results. As a result of the infection she has had a very large boil on her arm. (Who knew people still got those?) My sister still comes home for medical treatment. It's rather cute. The doctor did some damage to the boil (but in the long run it will not be considered damage) and my sister needed her arm to be re-bandaged. I wish I had a picture of her being doctored by my mom and my other sister. And it was Dad who had to take the drain out of her arm. Not her big, strong, very capable husband...nope, it had to be Dad. My sis isn't so good at taking her medication. Last night as she was leaving she told my dad she wanted to go somewhere with him today. "Please Daddy, I'll be good and take my pill." My dad or my mom bug her at least twice a day: "Did you take your medicine yet???" Makes me laugh a lot.

-Grandkids couldn't have better grandparents!!! Grandkids run this house. Sorry Dad, it's not's the grandkids. Whether it's 7 year old Allie who comes every day to practice the piano, or Josh who needs his fruit snacks, or 1 year old Samantha who smiles and gets away with WHATEVER she wants, the grandkids have it made!!!

Heather's kids (the sister I just talked about) would go through serious withdrawal if they didn't come to Grandma's and Grandpa's house every day. They have NO PROBLEM being at Grandma's house, even if their mom isn't here. They are as much at home at Grandma's as they are in their own house. Funny...I think my mom and dad would go through as much withdrawal without seeing the kids every day.

-I have the best sisters in the world! Saturday I had a tiny little melt down. Being stuck inside, mostly immobile will do that to anyone. I was whining...just a little...about how I couldn't even clean my bathroom floor. Last night I went home to a sparkling bathroom floor...and bedroom...and house. My sisters cleaned my room better than I ever have. They did my laundry, did my ironing, changed the sheets on my bed...I was so happy I almost cried. Thanks girls!!!

I could go on and on but I won't. Let me just end with this: A few weeks ago we were all at Heather's house for Sunday dinner (all means 2 parents, seven kids, three in-laws, and the 8 grandkids.) We had finished our meal and were sitting around the table talking...and flossing our teeth. Yep, that's the kind of family we are. My sister-in-law said something about "the family that flosses together stays together" and I said maybe I should write a blog about that. I've thought a lot about that. With as much as my family spends their time together...flossing or otherwise...I think we're going to be just fine.


Sandra said...

Families are great aren't they?
I'm glad you are starting to feel a bit better.

Tia said...

You do have a great family! I hope you continue to feel better!

Brynn said...

I'm glad you have them to help you out. What a great fam!
Good job flossing! Your dentist would be proud.