Friday, November 7, 2008

Random Bits of Stuff

Random Bit #1

Every year we have a family Halloween party. We're not entirely festive. Only one of my sisters dresses up, and we don't pig out on tons of junk food. But we do have fun and we laugh a lot and we carve pumpkins. This year my brother was carving his pumpkin and I commented on it. "That's sure a lot of guts for one small pumpkin." (He was pulling seeds out forever.)

His response is still making me laugh: "Once, when I was in grade school, someone said the same thing about Heather 'that's sure a lot of guts for one small pumpkin.'" Ha ha ha...

Ben and Heather are twins and their relationship makes me laugh a lot.

Random Bit #2

Tomorrow afternoon will find me on a beach in Cancun. I'll be on that beach for about 5 days. I'm only slightly excited. It will be such a sacrifice to leave behind the cold and the mud and work and stuff.

Random Bit #3

A few days after I get home from Cancun I have to have surgery to repair some rather painful hernias. Yes, hernias...and yes more than one. When I do something I have to do it right.

Random Bit #4

What good is a DVR if it randomly decides to not record one of your programmed shows? And why is it that it ALWAYS records Becca's shows? It's just my shows it messes with...and it's usually Survivor. Grr...

That's enough randomness for now. I'll think of you while I'm swimming with the dolphins. (We better get to swim with the dolphins.)


Tia said...

I'm so jealous! Do you think I could stow away in your suitcase? Have a blast!

Brynn said...

I guess you are just way to busy for me. When will we ever get together.
Have fun at the beach!

Noelle said...

Brynn, do you hate my guts? Please don't!!! I'll have plenty of time to hang out after my surgery!

David G. Woolley said...

Funny thing about Noelle. She's all for helping people who are less fortunate. All those expeditions to Mexico and Guatemala helped her understand the beauty of a handout. Free Cancun hotel. Free Cancun transportation. Free Cancun meals. Free Cancun everything. Free. Free. Free. Heck, by the time she gets home she'll have become the world's finest, most experienced humanitarian, informed like no other on how to take advantage of every opportunity. To get training, just contact Noelle. She's the expert. The go to gal. The entitlement queen. Don't email. Don't call. No texts. She prefers to meet her clients in the field. You can find her outside the gates of temple square. She's the tanned one with a sign that reads: Will Work for Beach

Surgery? Warn the doctor he'll find a lot more guts in that little pumkin than the x-ray reveals. Give him Ben's cell. They may need to consult about the stringy stuff.

Have fun in Cancun. And if you don't have fun, kick Kimber in the shins.


PS: I checked out a tour company in Cancun. They do really cheap tours to the ruins. Private coach. Air conditioned. Free lemonade. No tips allowed. No accents. No speeches longer than two minutes. No chicken legs for lunch. You can climb on anything you want and leave when everything starts to look the same. Seen one old rock, seen em all. Call them before you leave for a special rate. 1-800-no-more-boring-tours. You get this tour guide at no extra charge.

Manda said...

I am very of these days you have to take me on one of your adventures...when I don't work at Linden Nusery :p
Your sister who dresses up must be the life of the party!! Sounds like she's an AMAZING person ;)

Aaron and JaLae said...

Jealousy isn't good in a friendship so hurry back! (but have a blast). Don't forget what i told you about airports. Turn it up and turn him on!

KT said...

Dave, why don't you just ask Noelle to marry you already so that you can honeymoon in Guat or Mex and drink coke on the beach?!!

Noelle, I am so excited for Cancun! We are going to have a fabulous time. Thanks for coming with me.