Monday, December 22, 2008

If I Die...

It won't be because I slid off the road. It will be because I'm mesmerized by the size of the snowflakes falling right now. They're huge! And when I'm in the car and they are falling from the sky, I just look at them. Forget the other cars or the traffic lights...just watch the snowflakes...until someone slides into me from behind because I didn't see that the light was green. Focus Noelle, focus.


Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Focus....such a relative word!

Sandra said...

Wasn't that a pretty snow today? The kind of snow that I prefer to see from my nice warm house. I did have to go out in it and that was not so pretty and I almost got hit from behind because they were not paying attention. Maybe they were watching the snow as well.

David G. Woolley said...

If you die we'll make sure there are really big snowflakes at your funeral. They have machines for that now days.

Do you have enough inurance?

Call Bear River Mutal. They cover astronomically high risk people like you.

Its snow flak watchers like you who run the insurance rates through the roof for the rest of us.

Turn in your keys!

David G. Woolley said...

Of course your death will be because you slid off the road. That's what happens when you count snowflakes and drive at the same time.

Snow Flakes Anonymous. Do you want their number? They can cure you. It says so right in their yellow pages, full color, ten inch ad. Do you have a phone book. Look up page 367.

Hi, my name is Noelle and I haven't driven and counted snowflakes for three winters.

Hi Noelle. We love you.

Group hug.


Hi my name is Amanda and...

Manda said...

And what Dave? Are you going to finish that sentence? Go ahead, do your worst...I can take it.