Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Love Story

Main Characters:


Erika (Age 5)

And Micky Mouse

Erika: "Noelle, is Micky Mouse still Becca's boyfriend?"
Noelle: "Yes, I think he is."
Erika: "Noelle, do you think Becca will marry Micky Mouse?"
Noelle: "Well, what do you think Erika?"
Erika: "No. Becca is a human and humans can't marry Disney people."
Erika: "I guess she'll have to find someone else to marry."

Hey, I never promised it was a love story with a happy ending!


Brynn said...

Those kids are funny!
How is your post op life? I just had to go in for an emergency surgery last night. It really sucks. I feel like I am going to puke all day! I hope you are doing good.

KT said...

I thought you'd want to know that Josue, Daniel, and Laura got their visas and are coming to the U.S. on Saturday! They will be here for a month. I'll let you know more info as I find out, but they will be staying with the Estrada Family.


rplatt said...

I'll have you know I fully intend to marry Mickey if no one else comes along. Look out Minnie.