Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Every year for the past 15-ish years we have gone to our mountain property to cut down Christmas trees. Some years the trees are beautiful, some years not so much. The three years Dad and Mom were in Brazil, our trees were amazing! (Dad wasn't there to prevent us from picking the perfect tree. He has such strict rules about what we can and can't cut down!)

Last year I said, "Tradition or not, I QUIT!" ...until I get a husband who will put the lights on the tree for me. I HATE putting lights on the Christmas tree and last year I refused to do it. Seeing as how Becca refuses as well, we were in a no-win situation. So we committed the #1 sin in the Ed Platt book of sins: we bought a fake tree. PRE-LIT! It was well worth the money spent! I didn't get ornery and we didn't have to worry about our tree drying up, catching on fire, and burning our house to the ground.

Last night we got the tree out from storage and went to set it up. The key piece was missing. You know, the part that makes the tree stand up straight...the one piece that secures the entire 7.5' Norway Pine to the stand...gone, vanished, nowhere to be found. Not at our house, not at our sister's house where we store our Christmas decorations, and all 12 million of Becca's snowmen. (Really, during the month of December we have a snowman explosion at our casa.)

Now, had we had some smart man there, I'm sure he would have been able to figure out a solution. Had we not been soooo tired, perhaps we would have been able to figure out a solution. As it was, we went to Roberts and just bought another tree. And set it up. And it looks beautiful.

Kevin, my amazingly smart man-brother-in-law is now in possession of the old tree, and I'm sure that by tonight it will be standing straight and tall, lit and decorated, in some corner of his living to the real tree we cut down, because my sister is not yet ready to give up on tradition. (She doesn't have to. She's got that husband to put lights on the tree for her!)


Carrie said...

I'm not sure husbands are all what you make them sound like. I will come and put your lights on your christmas tree. Just call.

Noelle said...

Thanks for making me laugh! You're absolutely right!

Sandra said...

When I got my tree out last Saturday, it too, was missing a key piece. Well not missing so much as the piece was broken. I finnagled and glued and wrangled it until I thought I had it secure. I put the lights on (something I don't mind doing thank goodness because there are never enough for me). I then had my really tall son put the angel on top. I heard a slight cracking sound and yup, the piece broke again. So I did me some more wrangling, finnagling and glueing and got it working again.

Working at least until I turned my back on the tree. I heard that cracking sound again and turned around just in time to be head butted by the angel as the tree fell on me! I still have a huge goose egg on my head from it.

Oh, then I went and got a screw and screwed the whole thing together. Why didn't I think of that to start with?

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I'm laughing so freakin' hard right now...again!

Tia said...

I only tried putting lights on by myself once. It looked so ridiculous, I went out the next day and bought a fake tree, prelit. I love it!!

Noelle said...

Sandra, you make me laugh!!! I'm sorry about the goose egg!

Terry said...

Hey cute Noelle! Just found you on Kim's Howdy! where did you get the idea that husbands put lights on tree's? If that is true...I am in some serious trouble or actually Hal is. I didn't know that was a rule? Hmmmm...If only I had known! I gave up and bought a lighted tree too. What a HUGE RELIEF! Love IT! I just get it out and its up in a few minutes! Buy a pine "wall flower" at Bath and Body Works... and no one is the wiser! Have a wonderful Christmas! Hugs! Terry

David G. Woolley said...
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David G. Woolley said...


The girl who walks through jungle infested mountain forests singing Give Said the Little Stream with hundreds of indigenous eyes peering out at her from inside dark thatched roof huts, has got an issue with putting up a few lights. I don't get it.

I'l put up them up for you. For crying out loud.