Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Answer to Question #1

Sandra's question went something like this: "Did you know that Ryan W. that works for you is the brother of my Matt's girlfriend?"

My answer is this: "No, I had no idea! That Ryan W. is something else." Here's a little story about Ryan W.

We have a long-time customer named Gloria. She's a nice lady. She's a little eccentric and a lot picky about what plants she'll put in her yard, but she's nice and she NEVER yells at me. She called here the other day looking for my brother.

Me: "Sorry Gloria, he's not here. Can I help you?"

Her: "Oh dear, I just needed to ask him a question about some plants."

Me: "You can ask me."

Her: "Oh dear, I just really needed Ben."

Me: "Well, he won't be back today. But I'm pretty sure I can help you."

So she asks her questions and I answer them. THEN she says:

"You really do know as much as Ben!"

But I digress.

One day this summer Gloria wanted us to plant some trees for her. It turned into quite an ordeal. She was in nearly every day and she changed her mind several times before finally confirming her order. Ryan W. is our delivery driver/tree planter and he helped Gloria tag her trees, so he saw first hand some of her eccentricities.

When the big day arrived for Ryan W. to plant Gloria's trees, he came prepared with his phone. I know you're all thinking that a phone does not help in the tree planting process. BUT...what the phone does do is record video, and Ryan W. recorded Gloria as she told him where to put the trees. And he recorded Gloria when she told him he needed to move the trees 1.5" the other way. And he recorded Gloria when she told him her father's life history. And when Gloria asked Ryan W. what he was doing, he told her he was recording her for his journal. Because, who knew, but Ryan W. says he's big into journaling. What a crock. (If you can name the movie that line came from I'll send you a prize.)

AND THEN...Ryan W. posted the video on his Facebook page and showed it to all the other employees who have had the fortune of helping Gloria.

Gloria was so pleased with Ryan W.'s work (and the work of the two guys he took to help him) she gave them a tip. These delivery drivers/tree planters love tips. ESPECIALLY the tip Gloria gave them:

Gloria loves penguins. I guess she loves them so much she had a stash of them in her house, because she gave three of them away: one to each of the guys who planted her trees.

Ryan went back later and had Gloria sign his penguin. It says "To Ryan, From Gloria. A fine young man of promise."

Serves you right is what I told Ryan W.


Tomorrow I'll post "Target Practice 101" in response to Carrie's question

And Sandra, I'll email you about the crabs. No matter how I try I'm just not sure I can make that a post everyone would enjoy.

And Dave, no way, no how, am I telling you about my book. Not after your rude comment! And it will be Sandra who edits it.

AND would think that with over 80 page loads in one day, I could get more than three questions. Now's your chance people.


Amy said...

I'm coveting Ryan W.'s penguin. The line is from Three Men and a Baby. And that is a crock. Journaling my eye. :)

Also, I'm gonna hit refresh 30 times on your page so it will show a bunch of page loads today too, OK? :)

Noelle said...

Actually, I think it's from Three Men and a Little Lady. But you still win the prize! Yeah you!

When will you be at your motha's so that I can deliver it???

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I have to think about my question a little bit so I'll get back to you on that one...

Mr. Thompson however, would like to know if you sleep with your gun under your pillow? (I told him he could at least ask an open-ended which he replied that gun storage in an important issue...and just knew you would expand on it.)

Manda said...

It is from Three Men and a Lady because it's when they're getting married and then they don' yeah. But I'm still impressed with Fugal. Can I still ask a question?!?!?!?!