Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For the Love of Wally!

So...let's talk. I think you should know one of my weaknesses. (And I'm not talking about chocolate chip cookies...although I could eat 100 of them if there were 100 in front of me.) The weakness that is going to cause me problems sooner rather than later...and thus this post...is my total inability to give a creative gift. If all that mattered were the card I'd have it made, but that's not how it works with certain occasions...like VALENTINE'S DAY. I'm in such big trouble.

A few days ago the questions in my mind were "Should I get the dentist a Valentine's Day gift? Will he get me one? Is this even a holiday that the dentist knows exists?" (Maybe you're wondering who the dentist is. Well...he's a dentist. Not the dentist who fills my cavities, but a dentist that does fill cavities for other people. And he's the guy that I've been kind of seeing for a while now.) But...back to the topic at hand.

Turns out he does know the holiday exists, and he did get me a gift. (I'm still debating on telling you what that gift was. I'm afraid of the comments I might get. I'll think about it and let you know what I've decided by the end of this post.)

It's taking me a while to get to the point of this post. WHAT SHOULD I GET THE DENTIST? I have no idea!!! My only thought was cologne (I know, original) but the other night we were perusing the cologne counter and he said, "I don't need any of this. I have plenty." And the problem is that he doesn't need ANYTHING because hey, he's a dentist. If he wants it he just buys it.

I'm begging for suggestions here. PLEASE help me out. What are you getting your dentist for Valentine's Day? (Okay, maybe you won't be getting your dentist anything...but you get my point.)

And this will require that you lurkers who read but never comment come out of your shell and help a poor girl out. Just this once...or maybe twice. You'll see that once you comment you might actually like it.

Thank you in advance for the fabulous ideas I'm sure you'll have!

Now...about the gift the dentist gave me. I'll tell you tomorrow...if you can all promise to behave and NOT turn my poor blog into a controversial mess. There...makes you want to come back tomorrow doesn't it?

PS. Are you wondering what the Love of Wally (see the title) has to do with anything? I'll tell you about that too...the day after tomorrow.

PPS. See the 6 followers I have? Don't you want to be a follower too?


Karen said...

1st of all, I didn't know you were seeing a dentist :) Second, I made my soldier homemade cookies and I nestled a Valentine card in his bag before he left. I also put little love notes all through his luggage but if that's too much, maybe the homemade cookies, brownies or other yummy treat packaged up really cute will warm his heart. My hubby is hard to buy for too but he sure feels my love with a batch of my homemade cookies. Anyway, hope that helps and YES we want to know what he got you for Valentine's early!

Amy said...

Hi. My name is Amy and I'm a lurker.

Once upon a time I had a similar panic attack. I consulted all of my nearest and dearest friends (who very subtley found out from my "dentist" what I was getting for the big day) and told me that he was going ALL OUT and that I'd better do something. Then, THEN they suggested a bag of kisses. That was it. Their big suggestion! Some friends they were.

The general agreement we all came to is that V-day is a primarily 'boy give girl something' day. Like Mother's day. Or your birthday. BUT since I wasn't sexist (or racist) I did a little something (homemade goodies are a good default, and slightly better than a tie...) to make myself feel better.

Now I think that even if the dentist gets the patient something huge, the patient is only obligated to get something small. If cologne isn't it - goodies, a mixed cd (of significant songs), maybe a tooth drill - oh wait THAT'S not romantic, ooh ooh maybe a blanket, or an article of clothing (other than a tie), or a movie or music, ok I'm done rambling, my ideas are getting worse the more I write.

I think I'm officially not a lurker. Is that OK?

Sandra said...

I am on my way to class, but during the boring parts, (which are plenty) I will come up with something neat and then tell you when I get home. K?

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

"For The Love of Wally!"....I just busted a gut. Someone asked me what that meant the other day...I just didn't have the energy to explain. It's one of those close and personal comments I say...like "Gay Bob". People don't get that one either.

I'm going to think on a good gift for your dentist. Maybe I'll be inspired for my Mr. Thompson... which equally stumps me.

David G. Woolley said...
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David G. Woolley said...
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Sandra said...

Noelle- don't listen to David.

David G. Woolley said...
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Noelle said...

Dave...I'm not sure where you come up with this stuff, but I'm laughing...a lot.

And I'm patiently waiting for the fabulous suggestions to come from J and Sandra.

J-what do you think Mr. Woolley's comments about you are referring to?

Amy, I'm so glad you're not a lurker!

Tia said...

I have a suggestion too, but I'm emailing it to you, because I too know what the dentist got you and I don't want to spoil your fun.

But for the record, I like Mr. Woolley's #1 the best. Come on, it's Valentines day! :)

Sandra said...

Noelle- I got home late last night, but am working on that list. I may turn it into a post on my blog unless you want a comment longer than Dave's.

Dave- about the kissing booth thing. I think the idea is for the dentist to kiss Noelle- NOT all of his patients.