Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"He Went to Jared"

All You Need To Know, You Can Learn From These Two Girls

Last night I was curled up watching American Idol with two of my favorite little people. They were really hoping Tatiana won. They couldn't see how obnoxious she was, or how she didn't really sing all that well, all they could see was the dress. "Her dress is so beautiful!"

During one of the commercial breaks we watched a Jared Jeweler commercial. Gabi sighed and said, "I love sparkly things." Erika agreed, "I love sparkly things too." We watched for another minute and then I said, "You know I think I like sparkly things too. How do you think I can get something sparkly?"

Gabi looked at me with that look, the one that says 'are you really that dumb?' and she said, "Noelle, you have to get married." I frowned and said, "But what if I don't ever get married? Does that mean I never get something sparkly?"

Erika piped up and said, "No, that's not what it means. If you want something sparkly just go to Jared and buy it yourself."

I'm thinking these two could have a career with Jared if they really wanted it.


Sandra said...

:) I like sparkly things too. Especially red or white sparkly things. Maybe that is why I like watching the freeway at night- it looks like a big sparkly red and white ribbon. Shiny, shiny, shiny.

Jared, Shaneco, Morgan, Kay, the gumball machine, they all have shiny, sparkly make a girl smile things.

Brynn said...

Sheesh! I saw "He went to Jared" and thought you got something sparkly.

Noelle said...

You're cute Brynn. Did you fire the kids you were watching?

Brynn said...

I did fire them. I gave them one more week, which ends friday. Hooray! I am very excited to be done with them.