Monday, February 23, 2009

Just Because...

I'm still cleaning.

I'm still organizing.

I'm still simplifying, if you will.

I found this:

I've had a lot of crushes in my life.

I've fallen in love a few times.

But Hector was love at first sight.

And it lasted for 3 whole days!

It could have lasted forever if:

We had spoken the same language,

We had lived in the same country,

We had had the same religion,


But those three days were ...sigh... just perfect.

(Because I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight for him too.)

But then we said goodbye and he drove away.

I shed a tear (maybe...I did for sure if it makes the story more romantic)

And I dedicated at least four pages to my true love in my journal.

Some day, when I write a best-selling novel, and I will because it's on my list of things to do before I die, I'm going to write about Hector. And it's going to be good.


David G. Woolley said...

Can I edit the novel for you? Please? I have experience. And though I loathe syrippy, gooey, poorly written romance fiction that is popular with these act-normal-at-church-but-feed-my-secret-nerosis-by-reading-terrible-LDS-romantic-novels-mormon-women, I am still willing to lend a hand to your novel writing efforts.

President Uchtdorff gave a wonder talk on creativity. Maybe you should watch. The church posted a snippet of it with background music and everything right here:

And though I completey agree with everything he said, and I was inspired by his words, I think he would agree with me that LDS romance fiction should not be included in the creativity of inspiring, uplifiting and beautiful creative accomplishments worth pursuing. It just isn't.

So what's your novel about?

Noelle said...

Don't hold anything back Dave, tell us how you really feel!

And after this you think I'd let you edit my novel? Think again!

Oh and by the way, I think it's safe to say that many a reader would say that LDS romance fiction can and has been uplifting AND inspiring.

AND many a writer would go so far as to say that they were inspired to write the story they should write. Would you be so bold as to suggest that someone can't possibly be inspired to write the story she did because of it's romantic nature???

I'm guessing Sandra might have something to say about this.

Oh...and Sandra can edit my book.

Unless the book I write first isn't about Hector. If that's the case, you can edit it.

David G. Woolley said...
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David G. Woolley said...

Are you kidding? Inspired?

You can get inspiration from a lot of sources. Nature. Mountain hikes. Beautiful music. Exercise. Satan. Community service. Increased blood flow to the brain. A horror flick. Adrenalin. I don't know where some of these LDS romance novelists got their inspiration, but I dare say a good share of it was not divine inspiration. Not by a country mile.

Have you read some of the stuff these LDS romance novelitst are writing? Neurotic doesn't even come close. Pornographic is more accurate. One novelist, in the name of inspiration, began the first line in her novel with a pornographic line, because, well, that's the way it is. Yikes. And have you read what these LDS romance novelists talk about in the semi-privacy of the blogosphere in the name of inspiration? I feel dirty being associated in the same small Mormon publishing industry with some of them.

I know you didn't ask for this little rant, but it seems the only thing that seperates LDS from the rest of the religious world is the restoration. Its down right goofy for these romance novelists to write what they write and call it LDS romance because either they are Mormon or one of their characters happens to be LDS. If the novel isn't associated in some fairly direct way to the restoration, it shouldn't be called LDS fiction. These "LDS" romance novelists are getting away with total bogusness. And they're having a real effect on the fantasies of LDS women. I think its a net negative effect.

So there you have it. I just ruined your your romantic post. Sorry.

So, what's your novel about?

Noelle said...

Well...just to be clear about one thing. I never said my book would be a romance. You just assumed that.

And Dave, if an LDS author truly did write a poronographic first line, it wouldn't have been published, at least not through church publishing.

Perhaps if you feel so strongly about this you should take it up with oh...Sheri Dew? Seems she's got some say in what is and isn't published.

And if this were a game of Scrabble I'd question the words "syrippy" and "bogusness."

Sandra said...

At least Dave didn't laugh at the thought of me editing your book. I'll take solace in that at least.

Now, as for Dave's comments on LDS romance-what he says does have some merit to it. I am not going to go into the whole what constitutes an "LDS" book- that discussion has been hashed over and over on another blog.

But some of what is written as LDS romance is drivel. I don't think I read the novel with the porn first line because you know I would have done a negative review on my blog about that.
I saw a student reading a popular LDS author's romance in school today and asked her about it, she just gushed and gushed about the books. I was not impressed with the series. My feeling was that is was not well written and sold just because she is a "big name" in LDS fiction. But I am not a big fan of romance novels anyway. And if an author writes a romantic scene that I disagree with, I'll tell them. Isn't that right, David?

But, (and I just have to interject this about that word "but" I always tell my kids that it means, Behold the Ultimate Truth or ignore what I just said because I am now going to tell you how I really feel)

But, I do enjoy a good love story. One that is real and true to life and where the couple grow and learn and come to understand each other- warts and all- but they figure out how to overcome those warts and put the other person first.

As for the syrupy, gooey romance fiction read by the act-normal-at-church-neurotic women and their fantasies? Well, perhaps if their husbands would stop being act-heroic-for-everyone-else-in-the-ward-and-do-something-for-her-once-in-a-while-just-because-it-would-make-her-smile (like say, do the dishes, pick up his socks, vacuum the floor) she wouldn't need to escape into some stupid, insipid fantasy.

I am going to say- yes, I will read a good, well written romance. And if you take a look at my blog post from Feb 13, you will see that sometimes I even write silly romance stuff. Does that make me Neurotic? I hope not, but if it does, then I guess I can be happy in my neurosis.

And Noelle, I will be happy to edit your book.

Noelle said...

Okay, to put Dave's mind at ease let me say that the book I have in mind is not a romance.

BUT...I will read a romance novel, IF it's well written and good. I have filled garbage cans with books I didn't think were well written and that were not worth my time.

And while I generally stay away from romance novels that aren't labeled as 'LDS Fiction' I certainly don't look to those stories as my source of inspiration or doctrine.

I happen to like a good story...fiction or non, and for me that's all these books are: a good story.

But before you think I'm shallow Dave let me say this -

I also have shelves filled with other books as well. Books that I take from nearly every section of Barnes and Noble (social studies, history, biographies, etc.)

David G. Woolley said...

I'm shocked, Noelle. I didn't think you ever read anything. I thought you either waited for the movie or had your sisters interpret everything for you. Sort of a family cliff note thing...

Shallow? No.

Shifty. Calculating. Conspiratorial. Yes.

And Sandra, I think we agree. Even on the romantic stuff. My mom has converted me to movies on the Hallmark channel. They're mostly postive, farily well done romantic stories about people who have the interests of others at heart...

So there is some hope. Even for me.

Sandra said...

I agree with Noelle. If I had burned all of the stupid romance books I have thrown away through the years, I could have kept my family warm for at least a year.

And I do enjoy me a good Hallmark movie. Just be sure to keep me stocked in kleenex, because I can promise I'll use a lot of them.

(I am almost sorry that Dave and I agree- I was so looking forward to a good rousing "discussion" on the merits of a good romance novel.)