Friday, February 20, 2009

More Random Stuff

1. I'm cleaning stuff. I'm organizing stuff. I'm simplifying, if you will.
In the process I found this - sent to me by Mr. Thompson and Me.
I laughed as much this time as I did when she sent it to me a million years ago.

2. The dentist has decided that tomorrow is the day he's going to teach me how to shoot my gun. Wish me luck. Wish the dentist more luck.

3. Speaking of the dentist. We had this conversation last night:

Me: "Remember when I told you I had a blog?"

Him: "Yeah."

Me: "Do you know what a blog is?"

Him: "Kind of."

Me: "A blog is..." and then I tell him.

Me: "So, I mentioned you gave me a gun."

Him: "Call it a weapon. It sounds better that way."

Me: "So, I mentioned you gave me a weapon. That led to other things, and the other things led to people (well, one person really) wanting you to leave a comment on my blog."

Him: "Hmm...maybe you could tell them that the dentist doesn't read."

Me: "Not a great option."

Him: "Maybe you could tell them that the dentist works on teeth, not computers."

Me: "I tried that."

Him: "Maybe you could tell them...I don't know, I'm sure you'll come up with something."

I'll work on it. One day we'll have a comment from the dentist...unless I shoot him tomorrow.

4. I saw two Mexican fellows dressed as the Statue of Liberty, standing on State Street, waving signs that advertised tax help. I just laugh.

5. Can someone smarter than me tell me how to create a link? I have the 'link' thing at the bottom of my blog I just have no idea how to use it.

6. And finally, a word of advice: When you take a hot pan of caramel brownies out of the oven make sure you don't put them on top of a burner that is turned on. IF you do happen to do that, run fast because the time of placement of pan to total explosion of pan is only about 6 seconds, and let me tell you...the mess of that explosion will haunt you for days.

Have a great weekend. I'll be back next week with some great stories. (Assuming I can think of some great stories.)

PS. This is just a little note to AnnaLee to say hello. (I knew all along you were real and not pretend like those other people suggested.)

PPS. Camaree, do you take visitors? You know, if a girl just happened to make her way your way one weekend, do you offer your couch as a place to rest a weary head? (Sneaky way to get you to comment huh?)


Brynn said...

You make me laugh. Where are you going to learn how to use your weapon? Mark just got a weapon and needs to learn how to use it. I don't dare to touch it.

Sandra said...

If by create a link you mean on the "links to this post", someone else creates that link. If I want everyone on my blog to read this post, I will click on the title of this post, get the url of this post and create the link on my blog. That will then create a link to this post and it will show up when you (or someone else) clicks on the "create a link" words on your blog.

Hope that helps!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

i just laugh...and laugh...and laugh.

So hard it makes me cry.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to find out how you were doing. I got on Dave's blog to find out he was doing, and found your blog. I don't know how KT is doing or the others.

I think that you are doing fine, so you don't need any comments from me. You have lots of friends and family.

Sure, I miss everyone, and this is an entertaining blog, but it doesn't seem real to me. Also, I am not supposed to be blogging at work, even though they haven't cut me off from reading it yet.

So shall I give you some comments.

I can relate to the "make the girl smile" post. I have a friend like that. I work with him and I see him most days. But I have to be careful to never let the smile game go any farther. He's married, an ex-polygamist, now an atheist.

And your gun friend. I had one of those too, but I didn't believe in guns saving me. He could believe what he wanted. But you see I am not friends with him any more, so you better take the gun class, not like me.

And I am so bad with dating relationships, that you shouldn't take any advice about Valentines day from me. But I will go with Dave's suggestions, except he needs to be more specific. You should get him Ultradent products, maybe an Ultradent dentistry cruise to the Mediterranean. Or come see me at an Ultradent conference. We could teach you bonding. Maybe your dentist will understand that comment. Maybe not.

And New York. Yes, I was there. (So was the "I want to teach you to shoot guns" friend of mine, but not at the same time.) There was a referral the AP took us to one night in Manhattan. After I had left, my companion came into the city for a conference, and there she was being baptized in the building where the temple is now.

Ok. Aren't you glad I made a comment? And Dave, quit pretending to be me. I'm the only one who should be anonymous.

David G. Woolley said...

Okay anonymous. Who are you? I think I know, but I'm not entirely sure...

Reveal yourself or be bound with a hundred yards of floss!

lvs2dance said...

good to know about the brownie pan...geesh, what was it made out of?
Why are you shooting guns? FYI they kill things. LOL
Why does 'the dentist' refuse to leave comments...doesn't he know that is considered rude to read a persons blog and then not comment, only STALKERS do that. Ohhhh, Noelle is he a stalker? RUN NOELLE, RUN! (spoken in the Forest Gump fashion)

David G. Woolley said...

Hew Lvs2dance:

Don't you mean Run Noelle Run, follow your inner Gump!

Noelle said...

The brownie pan was made out of was such a mess!

The dentist doesn't even read my blog so he's not much of a stalker.

And Brynn, who knew, but there's a shooting range up Provo Canyon. That's where we went. Tell Mark we can go sometime if he want to. :)

The Diet Dance said...
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Anonymous said...

Please come crash at my place any time! But not on my couches, I have two bedrooms just waiting for visitors. Plus it would be good to catch up, apparently a lot is going on that I am not aware of. ;0)