Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last Night It Occurred To Me

That I'm a pen snob. I was writing in my journal - I know, it's hard to believe that I would have more to write about than what I post here - and I was very upset with the pen I was using. It was a horrible pen. I've been known to use three or four different pens in one journal entry, trying to find the perfect fit. Don't worry, I explain it all to those in the future who will someday read my journal:

"Dear Reader, what do you think of this pen?"

"I didn't like the color so I changed pens."

"Didn't you think my handwriting was atrocious? Blame it on that last pen I was using."

Stuff like that...

But before I can say another thing about pens, I must say this:


Three days of raking and shoveling and weeding and moving plants will do that to a girl. Our crew...the hombres that usually do the aforementioned work, are stuck in Mexico. I'm sending a silent plea to the powers that be in the Department of Labor. PLEASE Mr. Men who have all power and let it go to their heads, just sign the visa papers already. Don't you appreciate, even a tiny little bit, that we do things the right way? Hope the silent plea works, because ... did I mention that I'm tired and could use a little help?

But back to pens.

I need a new one. I have a box FULL of pens that didn't pass the test. What is your favorite pen? Where did you buy it? What color is the ink? Is it medium or fine point? Usually, I prefer a medium point, but I'm willing to be swayed in another direction.

Tell you what I'll do. You give me a suggestion and I'll go buy the pen. I'll try it out, and the person whose pen I like the best...well, I'll dedicate a whole post just to you. Sounds tempting doesn't it?

I'm off now, to rest my weary body.


Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Oh honey - I wrote the book on pen snobbery! (no pun intended)

I have only one type of pen I'll use. My administrative assistant keeps me stocked so I'll send you one. If you like it (which I know you will)...I'll send you a box.

Pure ink heaven.

Amy said...

I'm a pen snob too! (Mr. Thompson & Me? What pen is that? I need to try it now, what if I didn't know it existed and I'm using an inferior pen simply because I don't know better? Please, for my sanity, post the year make and model of said pen.)

My all time favorite is the Bic Velocity, not too inky, not too dry. Doesn't scratch my pages, very smooth. Makes me happy.

David G. Woolley said...


Sandra said...

For big writing- Sharpie ultra fine point. In black. I always buy the packages that have the whole rainbow of colors but even though the package has my favorite green and purple I always end up using only the two black ones. After a week or two I give Jessica the colored ones. She has a drawer full of my castoff Sharpie ultra fine point rainbows.

For everyday writing, though? Bic Atlantis with the cushin grip. In black. Never give me a blue pen. I'll just look at you. I hate writing with blue pens. (small disclaimer here. I use a blue pen at work because if I have to make a copy then you can tell which is the original. Oh, and it was all that was left in the supply closet.)

Pencils have to be Papermate, Clear Point mechanical pencil with .5 lead. The pencil barrel has to be green, grey or purple.

But the kids? They get the pens that come 20 for 0.99 cents because they are just going to take them to school and lose them anyway.

lvs2dance said...

hey! I am a pen snob too!!! it has to look and FEEL right. I love it when the ink just glides out and is not all scratchy looking. LOL
Nice to know that I have a fellow snob out there!