Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ode To NYC

Okay, if we look up ode in the dictionary this might not technically be an ode. But it's something...

11 years ago today I came home from my mission.

I flew home with some of my favorite people.

I thought all night long about what my ode would say. Really, I did. I couldn't sleep.

The other day when I was best friends with the mop bucket, I said this to the ER doctor: "I'm sure I look so feminine, dainty, and appealing." The ER doctor said, "What?" and my mom laughed. 11 years later and I'm still quoting Elder Noble. (He used that line a lot.) I would for sure use that in my ode.

What else?

I would mention Mr. Thompson and Me in my ode.

She was a great companion, and she is a great friend!

One time we went tracting and it was her turn to talk. She was used to doing the door approach in Spanish and had a temporary lapse in her memory of the English language.

"How are you today?" she asked the girl who answered.

The girl said she was fine.

"Good. are you?" she asked the girl again.

Amazingly the girl was still doing well.

"'s your day going?"

At that point I stepped in and said, "Hi, we're the missionaries who can't think of anything to say." Okay, I really didn't say that, but I did step in and help the poor girl out.

Let's see...what else goes in an ode.

I'm sure my ode would mention Elder Esquibel somehow. He was one of my best friends.

Except for that time when he used my first name in a talk he gave in mission conference. "I want to thank Noelle for being such a good friend." Want to know what my mission president said to me after that? "Sister Platt, is there something you're not telling me?" Thanks Shane.

My ode would probably talk about the time we got locked in a guys bedroom.

Don't ask.

When he said, "You don't have to be afraid,"

my companion said,

"We're not. We know karate."

He believed her.

I could put a lot of stuff in this ode. I laughed all night long at the memories.

I like to tell people that I grew up in Brooklyn...because in a way I did.

My ode would probably end with something about how once you've lived in NYC, it gets in your blood and never really leaves. That's not a bad thing.


OzzyFamily said...

I love it! What great memories - missions are the best and I loved hearing some of yours - maybe one of these days I will do an "Ode to Finland" on my blog. Thanks for bringing sharing ... you are so young -for me it was 14 year ago!

Karen said...

It never gets old. I just got assigned to VT 3 Spanish ladies. I feel like I did in the beginning of my mission. My Spanish is poor and I'm learning a lot. Oh, how I miss NYC. It will always be in my blood. Long live the South!

Karen said...

BTW, I love that picture of Lady Liberty!

♥ Paul & Jewels ♥ said...

YAY! I'm glad you found our blog!! It'll be nice to see what you are up to!! Take care!

Brynn said...

Whoa, that means we met 10 years ago. Where did all of that time go?
Those are funny memories. I'm sure you were a great missionary.

Anonymous said...


Nice job here. The NYC days never really leave do they. We were all lucky to serve there at that time. I think about those days often.

You were such a great missionary and still are a great person and friend--I might even say you are feminine, dainty, and appealing!!

-Elder Noble

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

How are you today?

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Good? are you today?

Mr. Thompson and Me said...'s your day going?

Manda said...

Lol. Mr. Thompson and me, you make me laugh :)