Monday, March 16, 2009

A Word of Caution

I thought I would take a break from my very busy day to tell you what's been on my mind:

Police said a man in Malaysia shot his neighbor as she picked sapodilla fruit in his tree, thinking she was a monkey.

Yep, that's what's been on my mind since yesterday when I read about this. I have a lot of unanswered questions.

Where does Mr. Malaysia's anger at monkeys stem from?
Is sapodilla fruit really worth dragging the gun out, loading it, etc.?
Why was the neighbor in the tree?
Is the tree really so leafy that Mr. Malaysia couldn't see that the person rustling the leaves was much larger than a monkey? (oh dear, that makes me think of another question)
Is the neighbor an abnormally small woman?
Why doesn't the neighbor have her own sapodilla fruit tree?
Was the neighbor locked out of her house and starving to death?

See...pressing questions that will never be answered.

For my own peace of mind will you all be ever so careful when you're out in the neighbor's apple/apricot/plum/pear tree picking their fruit?

I'm guessing...and it might be a stretch...but I'm guessing that if you are picking your neighbor's zucchini you're probably safe.

If you need me, I'll be outside raking. Because I like to rake. And the sun is shining.


Amy said...

I took some squash from my mom's freezer last night...and didn't get shot.

Also, we looked out the window and saw you walking down the street. We spent a few minutes analyzing your ability to walk in a straight line - not to make you paranoid or anything, but you did a great job! Glad you're feeling well enough to walk straight and rake. :)

Sandra said...

Can you tell where my mind is? When I first read the headline I thought that the woman thought she was a monkey ;)

Noelle said...

Amy...glad I was walking straight. :) I haven't been dizzy for two whole days! But if you ever do notice that I'm not walking straight, do tell me!

Sandra, it's not your mind, it's the way the sentence was written. I copied it directly from the article. I added a comma, maybe that will help with the way the sentence is read. :)

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

When we go shoot your gun...let's not go where there are trees. I don't want any mistakes to happen if I need a piece of fruit.

David G. Woolley said...

Only a gun owner would obsess over something like this...

lvs2dance said...

wow! I love it when we get a glimpse into the mind of Noelle!! LOL

Brynn said...

Did she die?

Noelle said...

Brynn, she didn't die.

Dave, anyone with a true concern for the welfare of their fellow men would think about this.

All, my cousin did some research: turns out the sapodilla tree is VERY leafy...thus the mistaken identity.

David G. Woolley said...

Here'a sapodilla tree. Looks pretty leafy to me. I'd shot Noelle if she were up in these branches:

And here is the fruit of the sapodilla tree, pealed and ready to eat:

reedless said...

This is so strange because this has happened to me twice, weird.