Sunday, April 26, 2009



I'm thinking I need to write something...

What should I write?

.....what to write, what to write.....

Oh...I know something.

Did you know that living in Utah, and owning a garden center don't go well together?

One number will tell you why...


That one little number determines success or utter disaster in our world.

Every night we watch the news, and every day we check the weather report at least 7 times...will it freeze tonight or not?

Grrr... That's how I feel about the number 32.

If we get below 32 degrees tonight I'm toast. Well...technically I'm not toast. My poor little plants from California are toast.

To cover the plants or not to cover the plants...that is the question.

A hundred years ago my sisters and I were having a girls night. We were all wearing silk pjs (I had to borrow some because I'm mostly opposed to silk...but everyone else was wearing get the picture), we were doing pedicures, and we were watching "While You Were Sleeping." (Actually, I can't remember what we were watching...but it sounded like something we might watch.)

ANYWAY...we were right in the middle of our activities when Dad came downstairs and into our room. He saw us and said, "Oh great." We saw him and said, "No! We're in our pjs, and they're silk!!!"

It didn't matter. Dad had just watched the news report - it was going to get below 32 degrees.

We put coats on over our silk pjs, pulled the brothers out of their own bonding moment, and went to the nursery. And with only the light from the headlights of the suburban, we covered plants.

I've since suggested to Dad that he reconsider his career choice.

I probably won't cover plants tonight...because seriously, 12 acres worth? Who are we kidding?

Good luck little plants...remember what Darwin said, "...survival of the fittest" and stuff.


Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Oh shoot. Does that mean that I need to cover my little "buddies"? Grow tulips...GROW!

(p.s. I just figured out why you are called a "nurse"ry!)

Sandra said...

Do you get the Daily Herald Sunday paper? Pg. 23 of the 'Daily Herald's Best of 2008-2009" supplement ought to make your day a bit better. It's what I have said for years.

Sandra said...

Oh, and if you don't get the paper- I have extras because I get 5

Amy said...

Ugh. I'm sorry - about the silk, about the freeze, about the 12 acres (can you believe how small the nursery used to be?) and about Darwin. Sometimes life is hard.

David G. Woolley said...

12 Acres. That enough room for a soccer field. And plants.