Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dirty Dishes

Friends, we have a new 'follower'. Everyone give a warm welcome to Rebecca. We hope you'll like it here.

Every Sunday is like Thanksgiving at Mom's house. It's a production to be sure.

We've got Mom and Dad and then this craziness:

5 - 33 year olds

2 - 31 year olds

2 - 29 year olds

1 - 24 year old

And 8 little kids running around.

We have a dinner chart. Whoever is in charge of making the main dish gives out food assignments to the rest of us.

Every week the kids will ask, "Who made the dinner? Who made dessert? Who made the Jell-O?" (I think they have their own secret rating system.)

Every Sunday, if the weather is nice, I take all of the kids for a walk, and the adults who stay behind do the dishes.

Now...with the number of adults there are, you would think that dish duty would be under control. Think again.

Last Sunday my sister needed a saucer. She pulled one out of the cupboard and found remnants of dessert from the Sunday before.

Thinking it was just one that got missed in the dishwasher, she pulled out another saucer from the cupboard. Hmmm...same thing.

Every saucer she pulled out of the cupboard was dirty. By the 7th saucer, we were laughing a lot.

No one will fess up. I KNOW it wasn't me...I was chasing the kids up the street.

I wonder what we'll find next Sunday.


Manda said...

It wasn't me I swear!!! I'm innocent!!!!
Maybe it was the dishwasher's fault...maybe it hates us and wanted to be mean...

Brynn said...

Maple tree.
Do you remember that? It started with Rick from Continental. Remember him? Not all the way there. Well when he did dishes, his roomies would put the words "maple tree" on the white board. Then you would know to watch out when you got a dish out of the cupboard. We had to start calling maple tree on Monica. She's a lousy dishwasher.

Amy said...

[chanting in my best 20 voices in one voice] "Hi Rebecca" did I sound like the sharks in Finding Nemo? That's what I was going for.

Also, my vote HAS to be on the youngest involved. It's ALWAYS the youngest involved. Sorry Manda. :)

Sandra said...

I don't have a dishwasher. (well I do but it leaks, so I don't use it except as a big drainer) anyway, your post reminded me of the exact reason I assign dishes to me every time we switch chores around.

Hi Rebecca!

Manda said...

Whatever! I'm an EXCEllent dish washer! I got lots of practice on my mission :P