Thursday, April 9, 2009

If Dogs Could Talk

This is what Mia would say:

Dear A and J and Lil A, (Mr. Thompson and Me)


This girl who is staying with me while you're having fun in Disneyland is not very nice.

She doesn't let me jump on the bed at night. She keeps saying something about personal space. And do you know she thinks I snore???

And although she wakes up EVERY TIME I put my nose by her head and tell her I have to go outside, she complains about being tired and wants to know why I can't just hold it until morning .

And last night when it was raining too hard for me to play outside she got mad at me when I wanted to peak behind the shower curtain. How was I to know that some people are sensitive about that stuff? AND she said I scared her to death. You should have heard her scream! (I thought it was kind of funny.) I just wanted to say hi.

She does take me on long walks, I'll give her credit for that. But she doesn't let me chase after the kids who are playing soccer. She's no fun.

Last night she didn't get home until almost 8:30pm. Do you know how long my day was??? And when she finally let me out of my kennel and I wanted to attack her for an hour she said, "Mia, enough is enough. You can only jump on me 12 times before it gets old."

So I wandered into Lil A's room looking for love somewhere else. I didn't find it.

This morning I was kind of out of control and I guess I slobbered ALL OVER her clean pants. She said something about how it's "okay to smell like dog after a day at work, but it's not okay to smell like dog before I even leave the house" and so guess what J, she wore some of your clothes to work. I gave her that look that told her you were going to be mad at her and then she said something about how you owe her and you won't care that she wore YOUR pants to work.

I just said, "Well, I guess we'll see about that."

She does feed me and give me fresh water.
And she did clean out my kennel after I made a HUGE mess in it.
And she lets me sit with her at night while she watches TV for a little while.
And I guess I've heard her say that she feels bad about leaving me in the garage all day.
So maybe she's got some redeeming qualities.

But really, COME HOME NOW!

And give a shout out to my bro Pluto.

Next time can I come too?

I'll be good I promise!


Amy said...

On one hand I feel bad for you, on the other hand I feel bad for Mia, on the other hand (yes, I have 3...don't call me names ok?) I feel happy for Mr. Thompson & Me. :)

Brynn said...

We are the same. I dog sat once for a friend. I hate pets! I was nice enough, but I'm sure Porter was missing his real family while I was there. You are a good friend to do that.

Kim Garrett said...

This made me laugh so hard. I think it's funnier when you own a dog just like Mia. Oh, by the way, wanna dog sit Gretzky in May?? :)

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Have you seen the movie Marley & Me? Now you understand why it's Mia & Me.

Sorry friend. I feel really bad. Sounds like my dog is trying some new tricks. I'll make this up to you - I PROMISE

(and I'll always dog sit even though we hate pets...when you get married....and your husband insists on a the house!)

P.s. Don't let Mia guilt you. She's good at that but she can (should) stay outside. Rain? Garage!

Sandra said...

Mr. Thompson and Me, remember what happened with Marley in the garage in the rain.

Dominguez Family said...

This is such a great experience for you... How does that WONDERFUL saying go? That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...or was that cynical? Either way, I say it works!

Manda said...

Hahahahahahahaahahahahahaha! That is how hard I laughed inside...I couldn't actually LAUGH...that would require energy...and after working from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM with no is something I am lacking. BUT! It was funny :) Yay for no more dog sitting!!

Sandra said...

Happy Easter, Noelle!