Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Is Faith

Grandpa spent his afternoons and evenings listening to books on tape. When he tired of those, he would listen to Lawrence Welk shows that he recorded from the TV onto cassette tapes. His favorite Lawrence Welk show was one where someone brought a parrot. Once the parrot tape got eaten by the tape player. It was nearly catastrophic. I was the hero of the year when I fixed that parrot tape.

Grandpa was excited once to tell me about a new story he had listened to. It was mystery mixed with romance, and to hear Grandpa tell it, it was almost scandalous. The more he told the story the more it sounded familiar to me. I had read the same book the week before. Grandpa couldn't believe that he was listening to something that I had read. If we weren't BFFs before, we were after that.

One night Grandpa called me and asked, "Noelle, what is faith?"

I gave him the missionary answer: faith is believing in something you can't see, faith is trusting that God is in charge and that He will take care of you, etc.

I asked him why the question and he told me that he was listening to a talk on faith and just wanted to make sure he understood it.

The next night when I called him for his bed-time alert I asked him what he was doing. "I'm listening to that talk on faith."

The next night it was the same story. When I questioned him about why he was listening to the same talk for the third night in a row he said, "There's a lot I still need to learn about faith. I'm just listening to it until I feel I've got it right."

He listened to that tape every night for over a week.

I hope that when I'm 93 years old I'm still willing to learn and I hope that at 93 I'm humble enough to be teachable.

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Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Amen to that!

Have I mentioned that I love Grandpa Wednesday? I do!