Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Title Tuesday

We made a bet this morning...not for money, just drinks...and not those kind of drinks...geesh.

We...and by we I mean Ben (my brother), Travis (my cousin), and myself, cannot speak a full sentence without mixing in a few Spanish words. Our goal is to go the entire day without speaking Spanish...unless of course we're speaking to someone who only speaks Spanish...and we do that a lot...so it's going to be a challenge.

Travis has nearly lost the bet twice, but he got off on technicalities. I think Ben and I are too generous in what we'll allow. I'm going to go and change the rules as soon as I'm done with this post.

Wish me luck.

In other news...I went to a chiropractor this morning. Second time ever. I'm not sure that I'm a fan. I have some back issues, have had forever. I've heard the physical therapist vs. chiropractor debate over and over again, and I have the names of about 10 different people who can make me all better. (I have very concerned customers. Bless them.)

Because my brother went to the trouble of calling his friend who is a chiropractor...and because that friend answered his phone while on vacation in Hawaii...I felt a small amount of obligation to go and pay him a visit. Twice. And now I have more pain than when I went in. As the nice friend of my brother was 'manipulating' my neck I said, "This can't be good for me." He just laughed.

BUT...the chiropractor thinks that whatever he does will help with my vertigo. I choose to believe him...because, why not?

And finally, as I was sitting at my mom's kitchen table eating breakfast this morning (I had only been at work 10 minutes before I realized I was going to starve near to death) a cute little bird flew right through the patio door and into the house. If you ever want to see the mother figure dance and holler, just bring a bird. She's got some issues...stemming from having to collect eggs as I child (I think)...and she does NOT like birds...at all.

She ran out the same door yelling for my dad and I just ate my Lucky Charms and laughed. I did direct the little bird back outside and told my mom it was safe to come back inside. I think it took an hour for her heartbeat to return to normal.

That's all I've got for now. I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!


Brynn said...

I'd yell too if a bird came in my house.
I hope the magic doctor fixes you.

Manda said...

Hahahaha...good luck with the no Spanish deal...I think you'd be more successful than the boys...

Amy said...

I hope you win. I hope the chiropractor fixes you, and I hope your mom knows how funny she looked in my head running away from a hummingbird.

Also, if you want to know about some quacky Dr's guaranteed to "fix you" after just 9,000 visits and $20,000, just ask. I know plenty of quacks. :)