Thursday, May 21, 2009

Visions Of Loveliness

Our greenhouse guy is good!

Just look what he creates!

We have these hanging baskets all along State Street.

Lots of people want to buy them, but we tell them they're not for sell.

Unless they ask my dad...he will sell anything.

The flowers are what I LOVE about my job.

Every day I walk through the greenhouses and just smile.

The truck drivers are what I DON'T love about my job.

There are some really nice men in this world who drive truck; I know, I've met them.

However, there are some really mean, nasty men who drive truck. I've met them too.

Every guy who brings a truck in says the same thing:

"I've got a 52' trailer. I can't go where you are telling me to go."

And we say:

"Well, the last MILLION trucks who came here did just fine. Don't worry about it, you'll fit."

Yesterday we got a real winner.

He was not a happy person.

He yelled at everyone who drove past his truck.

I know because my customers who were yelled at told me all about it.

When he yelled at my sister-in-law...well, that was it for me.

He came in the office for me to sign his paper work and this is the conversation we had:

Me: "You haven't made many friends here today have you."

Him: "They were going to hit my truck!"

Me: "But they didn't. Not one of them even came close to hitting your truck."

Him: "That's not the point!"

Me: "Actually, it is."

Him: "I've been waiting here for four hours. I don't get paid to wait."

Me: "You haven't been here for four hours and we unloaded you as fast as we could."

Him: "I lose money while I wait for you to unload!" (His tone indicated he wasn't in his happy place.)

Me: "If hauling plants is that much of an issue for you, maybe you should look for something else to haul."

(I was just trying to help.)

And then he began to get all huffy again about how people might have hit his truck.

Me: "You know, you would get a lot further in life if you were nicer to people. I'm just sayin'..."

Him: "I don't need to get any further than where I am."

Me: "Hmmm...that's too bad. I think you would find you would be happier if you were nice."

Him: "Whatever."

Me: "Well, have a nice day anyway sir."

Him: "Whatever."

And then he left.

I really should just keep my mouth shut.

I'll work on that.


Sandra said...

The flowers are what I really love about your job too. And your greenhouse guy is good. He always makes state street look so good. Sometimes Brandi and I come just to walk through the flowers and trees at your job because we love them so much.

My grandpa was one of the nice truck drivers. He even used to let me ride in the sleeper and pull the cord for the air horn just because I wanted to.

Manda said...

Lol. shouldn't. It's too funny when you don't!!

Dominguez Family said...

You should have told him you were just trying to be sincere. ;-)

Dominguez Family said...
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Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Just show him the sign on my blog....

Mean People Suck!

Brynn said...

Boy, you're a meanie.

Rachel said...

Oh....I'm so glad that you gave him a piece of your mind. When Jared found out that he yelled at me, he wanted to take care of it but said that you handled it beautifully....and you did!