Monday, May 18, 2009

When In Mexico

One night I was getting ready for bed. It was late - maybe 11:30pm. I was brushing my teeth, trying not to swallow the water when I heard a frantic knocking on the door.

"Noelle! Hermanita!!! Open the door!"

"Noelle! Ayudame!!!"

I opened the door and saw Ana Laura. She was freaking out. There was something in the bedroom ... and she needed me to get it. Like RIGHT NOW!

Only problem was I didn't know what I was supposed to get. I didn't know the word she was using. She kept saying it over and over again but it didn't do me any good. Dang Spanish.

We went into the bedroom we shared and she immediately put on her cowboy boots, picked up my flashlight and my Spanish/English dictionary, and said, "FIND IT!"

"What am I finding?"

I started looking for what I figured was some kind of bug and she looked through the dictionary. Oh, and she was standing on her bed, with her cowboy boots still on.

I couldn't stop laughing at her antics...she was sure she was going to die.

FINALLY, she found the word she was looking for: scorpion.

I was looking for a scorpion. Lovely.

We searched that room from top to bottom and finally found the scorpion under Ana Laura's bed, hiding beneath an old shirt.

She SCREAMED, and I told her if she woke her parents up we were both dead, and not because of the scorpion.

Ana Laura drowned the scorpion with bug spray and then I put it in a jar so that she could show it to her dad the next morning.

I thought we could finally go to sleep. But no, we had to line the entire perimeter of her bed with jars of water. Did you know scorpions can't climb glass jars? That's what she told me.

The next morning I got a lesson on scorpions. There are two main types in Mexico and one is deadly. Our friend scorpion? The deadly one.

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Amy said...

Yikes! You're braver than I am. I'd be the one in the cowboy boots...except I don't own cowboy boots, maybe I should change that. You know, just in case of deadly scorpion attacks in Utah.