Monday, May 11, 2009

Where I've Been

Okay Dave, I'm writing...see? Friends, Dave called me four times a row...or so says my missed call log. The only reason I can see for such persistence is that I have yet to post I promised I would. you are, the promised post.

I've just been working. Last week I worked 70 hours. Impressive no? Saturday night after a super duper busy day at work I was in bed and sound asleep by 10:00pm. Even more impressive no?

I have second and a half degree burns on my feet. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I pretty much just tan. People say all the time "You are so tan!" And I just say, "occupational hazard." Because when I die some day it will probably be of skin cancer. BUT...back to the burns. I wore some sandals to work on Friday...not flip flops...good, sturdy, hiking kind of sandals. I think that my sandals had an allergic reaction to the sun and my feet got in the way. I have near purple spots all over my feet, and they are swollen and they hurt.

Did you know that most people just assume cashiers are dumb? I'm living proof. When I stand behind a cash register people assume I can't count. You would be amazed at how many people question my ability to count their pots of flowers. I just smile and say, "Yes, I would be happy to count your plants again...for the 15th time." Guess what, I'm always right.

Ummm...the smoke alarm is about to go off...that will be loud. (My mom's stove is dirty from a peach pie gone crazy...little sister didn't realize that.)

Do you think I'm babbling? It's because I am...and my brain is fried. I must to go bed.

Tomorrow I hope to have a very worthwhile post...maybe a late Mother's Day tribute to my mom.


Sandra said...

I never think cashiers are dumb- I used to be one. People didn't think I could count either.

David G. Woolley said...

Are you kidding? I didn't call about your post. I have more than enough to read these days. I called about raspberries. Is it too late to plant them to get any sort of crop? And do you sell any of them? Just prepping for my nursery field trip.

Here's a quick way to get rid of all the cashier problems:

When they come to the check out, ask them how many containers or plants or whatever they have. If they say 12, and you do an initial count without being too obvious and you get the same number they gave you great. Easy check out. If they say 12 and you do a quick conunt and get 14. Then you count them outloud for the poor mathmatically challenged and slightly dishonest customer so they have to make a full and complete accounting. Of course they know how many plants they have. It was 14 goofball. Don't try to take advantage of the Noelle or you're gonna be cursed with 1.5 degree burns all over your body.