Friday, June 12, 2009

And So It Goes

You know how in my post yesterday I said I was so tired I might have to drink a Coke?

Well...I did, a SMALL coke from Wendy's at lunch time.

Did you know that even a teaspoon of caffeine wires me for hours? I don't think I'm normal.

Believe me when I say I wasn't tired after that. I was wired x 100.

I dreaded going to bed. I knew it would take me 1200 hours to fall asleep.

What to do...what to do...

Only one thing: take a sleeping pill. The real kind, prescribed to me by a doctor.

I only take one when I'm desperate. I'm pretty sure that yesterday I had reached desperation.

So with pill in hand...or in stomach rather, and my trusty purple earplugs, I slept like a baby until my dad called and woke me up this morning. He was looking for my sister. She was at the dentist. (Just in case you were wondering.)

Today I'm mostly just fine.

Brynn suggested I do something to get fired and as a result I wouldn't be so tired. Believe me Brynn, I've tried. At least twice a week I ask, "Will this get me fired?" One time I even said, "What if I put the aspens on a sale that went something like this: buy one get 15 million free. Would that get me fired?" But alas, here I sit...I'm fireless. I'll keep working on it.

OH...AND...we have a new friend. Welcome Shiloah! I'm pretty sure if I knew you for real you would be my hero...well, forget knowing you, you're still my hero because you have 7 KIDS!!! And you're younger than me!!! And you look perfectly sane and normal!

Anyway, glad you stopped by. Curious minds want to know how you came across my little ol blog? (Let's be honest, I may be the only curious mind.)

Friends, have a wonderful weekend!!! I'm going to spend mine working...and ironing. Jealous?


Manda said...

Lol. Glad caffiene doesn't do that to me.

And no I'm not jealous...cause I have to work too :p No ironing for me though!

Brynn said...

You are just too good at what you do. Of course you won't get fired.
What are you ironing? Don't you live at work? I doubt your boss cares if you iron your work clothes.

Rachel said...

All this talk about coke makes me crave one.....or a pepsi would be good too. Mmmmmmm......

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Ironing...yeah right! I just throw my cloths back into the dryer with a wet wash cloth.

Maybe if I drank a little coke though (or at least started nipping at Dr. Pepper again)...I'd have more energy to drag out the ironing board and do it right.

Humm....something to consider.