Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grandpa Post Postponed Until Next Week

We have a customer named Mitch.

Mitch is a nice, quiet, reserved guy.

Mitch hasn't been in for a while.

When Mitch came in today I said, "Where have you been all my life?"

His response: "Mexico."

His family lives in Mexico, in the colonies, and I know he spends his winters there.

"But Mitch, it's June. Have you been in Mexico all season?"

Mitch replied, "No, but my dad was kidnapped and so I had to go home."

I thought he was kidding.

He wasn't.

Did you hear about the kidnapping in the Mexican Colonies? Apparently it was all over the news.

I should watch more of the news.

Read this if you want to know more.

Mitch said his family has been anticipating a kidnapping for a long time, they just thought it would be one of his brothers who was kidnapped.

His dad even took out kidnapping insurance policies on all of his family. Did you know they sell such an insurance policy?

I'm shocked...and stunned...and Mitch's poor sisters are going to need therapy...

Want to know something? I've always wanted to visit Mitch's ranch in Mexico. We've even talked about me going down to ride horses and experience ranch life for a while...just me and the cowboys.

I'm thinking I'll have to postpone that trip for a while...Mitch wouldn't let me go now anyway.

I'm glad his dad is okay and I hope the FBI agents catch the bad guys.


Sandra said...

I hadn't heard that he had been released. I try to follow news in the colonies because not only did I grow up close to there, but I have family there. (well distant family)

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Get his autograph.

Brynn said...

Boy, I thought I had a bad day. I'm glad he is safe and back with his family. If you do decide to go visit, let me know. I will take out an insurance policy on you.