Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just More Nonsense

It rained this morning...a downpour really...for a long time...and I wondered if at any moment my home was going to float away. I like a good rainstorm...but every day for a month? I'm going to turn into a mushroom.

* * *
Today is National Cherry Tart Day. Did you know that? In case you wanted to know, it's the Montmorency cherry that is the tart one. If you want to make cherry pie from home grown cherries that's the cherry tree you plant. I'm going to go out and buy Hostess Cherry Pies for the guys in my office. They won't compare to my mom's homemade cherry pie but I'm sure the guys won't care.

* * *

I have provided chocolate for my customers for a few years now. They know that if they come into Linden Nursery they can eat salted peanuts and chocolate...until this year. Now all they get are the salted peanuts. I have my reasons for not providing chocolate:

1. It gets expensive - considering that my customers eat A LOT of chocolate. When Dad said 'cut expenses' I cut expenses.

2. No one ever said, "Noelle, thanks for the candy." Instead they said things like, "Noelle, the candy jar is empty. Noelle you're slacking. You need to buy us more chocolate. Noelle, what kind of chocolate is this? Why can't you by this kind of candy? Noelle, when you go to the store next time will you buy me a king size snickers bar please, and just hide it until I come in again."

My inclination was to say, "Buy your own dang candy." But seeing as how I already made some guys mad when I told them they actually had to pay for the plant material they took, I didn't want to rock the boat. Silent messages are better anyway right?

Two days ago a customer said, "If you'll buy more chocolate I'll buy you a frosty."

"Make it a smoothie and I'll consider it," was my reply.

He brought me a smoothie.

Another customer came in yesterday and threw a grocery sack my way. "This is for you. Consider it my contribution." Guess what was in it: a bag of Hershey's mini candy bars. they're sending their own silent messages. I wonder who will win this battle.

* * *

Last night I went for my usual hike up to Timp Cave. Sometimes if I don't leave early enough I can't make it to the top before the rangers turn me around and say try again tomorrow. (They close the trail at night.) Last night I was almost to the top when I saw four rangers. I waited for them to say that I had to turn around but they didn't...they just smiled at me as I hiked past them and made my way to the top.

The four rangers were still sitting there when I went back down and after I passed them one of the rangers said, "That's it...let's go home." They could have turned me around but instead they waited for me to finish the hike. I think it was the nicest thing anyone had done for me in at least 3 days.

* * *

And finally, I'm taking bets on how long Mr. Woolley is going to stay mad at me. Anyone want to venture a guess? If you've wondered why it's been so quiet around here, now you know. I made Mr. Woolley mad and he's really good at holding a grudge.


Sandra said...

My kids love the peanuts. So, thanks, Noelle for the peanuts. And I know it would have meant more if I had said it first- without prompting.

And my bet would be at least another month. He and my sister had a disagreement on my blog and I am hoping he isn't upset at me over it.

David G. Woolley said...
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Noelle said...

Foolish drivel...glad to know what you really think of my blog Dave.

Noelle said...

Sandra, slow is better than never right? What do you think of this:

Trandscedendent Crabapple - Yellow skin with pink or red blush to almost entirely red. Up to 2 inches wide. Creamy yellow flesh is crisp, juicy and flavorful. Late summer harvest. Medium-sized tree, consistent crops.

If you are interested, I can get you one but not until next spring when we bring in our bare root fruit tree order.

Sandra said...

Thanks, e-mail me a price. And that gives me a couple of months to prepare the perfect spot for it.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Remember those old National Inquirer tabloid magazine commercials? The ones that said..."inquiring minds like mine want to know...."?

Pretend I'm a commerical and Wooley's comment is the headline.

Inquiring minds like mine want to know.