Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Thanks

You know who Horton is right? The elephant? Dr. Seuss?

He has a phrase about friendship that goes something like this:

"I said what I meant and I meant what I said, an elephant's faithful 100% percent."

I have some friends who are as faithful as Horton and I'm grateful...more than grateful.

I had a phone call today from Travis...Elder Mitchell...Grandpa, as I lovingly call him. Travis and I haven't seen each other in years...maybe 6 0r 7. When I answered the phone I said, "Elder Mitchell," and he said, "Sister Platt...are you good?" That's why he called: just to make sure I was okay. He is a busy dad of three young kids and he took the time to call me...just to check in.

Last week I talked to Trent - another friend from NYC. Trent and I only talk about once a year. Trent and I made a pact 12 years ago that if we reached the age of 30 and were both still single we would get married. He just turned 32. When I answered his call he said, "Weren't we supposed to be married by now?" And I said, "I'm just waiting for you to ask." And then we talked for a long while and caught up on each others lives.

I have a friend who is an incredibly talented artist. One day I took her a photo of a place in Mexico and said, "Can you paint this for me?" She did. It's beautiful.

A friend from Mexico, who I have horribly neglected, emailed me, again, to let me know that he was thinking of me and told me that there would always be people in Mexico who love me.

I could go on and on...

And I've said this before on this blog...

But really, I'm one lucky girl. And every once in a while I'm overwhelmingly reminded of that fact.

So to all of you out there...and to all the ports at sea...(a line from a great movie)...thanks for being you and for loving me.

And Brynn...

Was the tall green thing purple at some point this spring? Cause if it was it's allium...and here in another week you can trim it down. And about your other question - let's do dinner one night soon.

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Brynn said...

I would love to do dinner. We do have allium. It was nice and is dead now. But the other thing never had anything on it but a green bud looking thing. I think it is a junk bulb. My dear hubby won't let me pull it out. Oh well. I don't have my extra kids next week. Can we meet up sometime next week?