Monday, June 22, 2009

What I Could Say

There is much I could say today.

I could say that the aquarium at Cabella's makes me dizzy.

I could say that the sun is shining - for the first time since - 1985?

I could say that if you're thinking about seeing the movie The Proposal - don't.

I could say that I forgot to wish Sandra a happy birthday. Happy Late Birthday Sandra!

I could say that I only got to see 10 minutes of the Strawberry Days Rodeo before Grandma called and said it was an emergency and she needed me at her house - now. (Remember where she lives? It's not like I could just run across the street.) I went...guess what - no real emergency. Unless being bored and not wanting to sleep is an emergency. She talked for three hours - about what I couldn't tell you.

I could say that I stayed up until way too late reading a book that made me laugh out loud...more than once.

I could say that I stink at the game Scrabble.

I could say that I picked some cherries off my sister's tree and they are mmm mmm good.

I could say that I bought some cool new hiking shoes.

I could say.....maybe that's enough for now.

Except that I will say one more thing:

I have some pretty cute nieces and nephews and I thank my siblings for sharing them with me.


Sandra said...


reedless said...

I stand by my earlier observation that you are a favorite Aunt. And rightly so.

Rachel said...

I found a message on my answering machine from Grandma from that night. It went like this....Hello (pause)This is Grandma (long pause) I wish someone would answer their phone (hang up).
I'm glad you went to cheer her up.
Also....your nieces and nephews love you!!!!

Manda said...

The sun was shining in 1985 because that was the year I was born ;) And then it hasn't been happy enough to shine since then...that's a sad day...

Brynn said...

You really do have cute neices and nephew. I love it when you post pictures of them.