Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When You Know

That there is a mouse in your office do you ever just want to sit with your feet up off the floor?

I do...and I'm not even afraid of mice.

What's a mouse doing in my office anyway? It's not cold outside; he should be basking in the sun.

(Do mice bask in the sun?)

Dang mouse.


Anna Lee said...


Could you pass a message on to KT and Nat. Could you tell them that I hope everything works out for them and if there is anything I can help them out with, I will try. They were so fun and so kind and, and, and so on.

Kind regards,

Anna Lee

Noelle said...

Anna Lee,

I sent them your message and they both responded with how sweet they thought it was.

I hope all is well with you.

Anna Lee said...

Thank you. I am fine, but I would also like a vacation, anywhere.

I still like you Dave. Please try to stay out of trouble.