Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where To Go...Where To Go

I need a vacation.

I've said this before.

Now I REALLY mean it.

Should I go here?

This is a definite possibility.

I really hope I'm going here this winter.

Dear Dad, if you don't get your foot fixed I'm going to cry.

Kimber, didn't you say you were ever so anxious to go back here?

This was my most therapuetic trip ever.

Maybe I should go back here.

Not such a good idea...I'm extremely zip line challenged.

Some day...

My friend Tia is going to Haiti.

Lucky girl!

I think I'll go to Las Vegas to see Rika.

Where are you going?


Mr. Thompson and Me said...

To NYC. With you....

Amy said...

Josh and I are driving down highway 101 - thanks for asking cuz I'm DANG excited!

Karen said...

If you come to Vegas, you better come see me :)

Karen said...

You are more than welcome to stay with me :) we have plenty of room. No hotel expense :) Bring Mr. Thompson and Me with you :)

KT said...

Cancun the sequel? I don't know if I have it in me. I'm always up for a trip with you though. There's going to be a memorial for Javier and Walfred in Guat in August that I've been wanting to go to. Or we could do a weekend somewhere. I could really use a life break, so if you're serious about going somewhere I'm in!

Manda said...

I wanna go!!!! Take me with you!!!!