Friday, July 31, 2009

All In A Day's Work

Last night I was hanging out with some good friends. Some great friends actually.

They're the kind of friends who let me in their house even when I'm wearing my fleece pjs...

They're the kind of friends who let me ball my eyes out for an hour and still think I'm perfectly sane. (Remember - 12 curve balls and the aftermath - I'm still working on it.)

They're the kind of friends who will both text me at the same time, with totally different conversations.

And they're the kind of friends I wish everyone could have.

I'm usually there for the 'put the kids to bed routine', and last night was no different.

The conversation between the dad and the youngest daughter went something like this:

Dad: "Okay honey, it's time to go get your jammies on."

M: "Okay. Do I need new underwear too?"

Dad: "Mommy, does she need new underwear too?"

Mom: "Always dear."

Dad to Daughter: "Always dear."

And then M runs off to her room. All is quiet for a minute until we hear this, coming from the bedroom:

M: "Daddy, can I wear my pink ones?"

Dad: "Did you get them from the drawer?"

M: "I got them from right here."

Keep in mind that this entire conversation was had with M in her bedroom and Dad in the living room.

Dad: "Are they clean?"

M: "I think so."

M: "Daddy, do they look clean?"

Dad: "No honey, I don't think so. Find another pair."

It's quiet for a minute and then we hear

M: "Okay Daddy, what about these?"

Dad: "Honey, those will work."

M: "I got them from right here."

Dad: "Okay, I think they are in the clean pile. Good job honey."

Now...that's parenting with ease don't you think?

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Amy said...

I'm glad that dad had to ask mom about the underwear.....just sayin.