Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Because Who Says You Can't Post Twice In One Day?

I might have just almost been kidnapped.


I was walking along State Street towards the mailbox. From my office to the mailbox it's a bit of a walk.

I've yet to determine why it is that everyone who drives past has to look at the person walking along State Street. What? Have they never seen anyone walk before?


You would be surprised by how many people I know who drive past me during my daily mail excursion.

Usually landscapers driving trucks.

They honk, we wave, we all feel good about the friendly encounter, you see how it is.

But, this is what happened:

A big black truck drives by.

Driver honks horn at least 7 times.

Driver slows down as he passes me.

And while he's slowing down I'm thinking "I don't know this truck. I don't know this driver. Wonder why he's slowing down..."

I keep walking.

Driver stops ahead of me, puts his truck in reverse, and starts backing towards me.

I think, "Curiouser and curiouser..."

Driver continues to back towards me as I turn into the parking lot of my place of employment.

And then driver puts his car in drive and drives off in a cloud of dust.

Okay, there was no dust.

I'm thinking the parking lot saved me from certain kidnapping.

I'm also thinking, "Does driver not know I own a gun?"

(Doesn't matter that I don't carry it...right? And doesn't matter that I'm considering giving said gun back...but wait, that's an entirely different not meant for the blogging world yet.)


Saved for one more day.


Manda said...

Maybe it was innocent and he just wanted your number :D

Manda said...

Testing one two three...

Sam said...

That's scary! I'm glad you were okay!

I'm little miss Paranoid, and everyone around me is pretty much a potential mugger when I'm by myself, haha. Thankfully I live where that stuff doesn't really happen (knock on wood), but hey, better to be safe than sorry, right?

Amy said...

Maybe your dad hired him to be your security guard. That was nice.