Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Give A Compliment

Grandpa had a magnet on his fridge for years: 101 Ways To Compliment Your Child

My brother and I always tried to one up each other in the compliment department because of that magnet.

Every once in a while I'll say, "Ben you're A-OK." He'll return the compliment and then we'll laugh and think about the good ol' days.

Yesterday Ben sent me an email that said, "They beat us to the punch." I had no idea what he was talking about until I read this article:

SALT LAKE CITY -- When it comes to giving compliments, two Purdue University students take the cake.
Brett Westcott and Cameron Brown say they just woke up one day with the idea of giving compliments.
That was last year, and they started the weekly ritual outside the Purdue University chemistry building.
Now, they're taking their crusade across the East Coast. They expect to visit 10 different cities.

Go here to read article.

Someday I want to find a magnet like that to give to Ben. (Don't tell him I said that.)


Here's a story that made me laugh...a lot.

One of our delivery drivers called Travis today and said, "Travis, Mack says he still needs 42 english lavender to finish his job."

Travis said, "Mike, we delivered the lavender last week. It should be there at the job sight."

Mike said, "Well, I didn't see it but I'll look again."

Something you should know about Travis...well, I don't know how to explain Travis exactly. When you or I might say "I need to get this..." Travis will say, "I need to procure this..."

If you say, "It's just a bunch of random stuff..." Travis will say, "Well, it's a large group of nefarious items..."

That's just how he talks...all the time...I think he's memorized the dictionary.


In response to Mike's "I didn't see it," Travis said,

"You know what it looks like I'm sure, but if you're unsure you can always smell it to determine that it's lavender. You know, take a branch between your fingers and rub it together to assess it's fragrance...and you should do that rather than bend over and smell it directly...well, just because it's easier."

And by this point I'm laughing and Travis gives this sheepish grin and Mike says, also laughing, "Okay Travis."

I took the radio from Travis and said to Mike, "You get that Mike? The proper way to smell lavender?"

And Mike said, "Only Travis..."

And I said, "Yep, only Travis."

It's good he doesn't read my blog. He would get me for sure...


Manda said...

Lol. Primo is a funny man.

aynzan said...

This is a nice one!

Amy said...

I vote make your own magnet for ben. He'll love it. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh.My.Gosh! That is so perfectly Travis! Hahaha I laughed out loud for at least a minute when I read that phrase. Classic!