Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Goblin Valley

Have you been?

I would recommend that you go, but not in July.

It's HOT.

(At one point my nephew said, "Daddy, can you make the sun go away?")

And there are bugs that will eat you alive, and then you will itch for days.

(I've got Aveeno anti-itch cream though, and it works miracles.)

The scenery is beautiful.

The stars at night are incredible.

(And we all agreed that we were glad for a tent roof that we could see through because we spent a lot of sleepless moments looking at those stars.)

The hiking is easy...except for that one part where Ben said "But you just have to see the view from up here." We made it up and back, only hugging a few rocks along the way, with Ben wishing he were with guys, not girls.

God's creations are amazing, and I'm grateful to be able to explore them.

Tomorrow I'll write about Bluff.

You haven't lived until you've been to Bluff.

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