Monday, July 6, 2009

I Just Eat

Do you think there is anything wrong with eating an entire cantaloupe?

I didn't eat it all at once.

It took me both breakfast and lunch to finish it.

It's just that it tasted so good!

And all I did for the 4th?



Oh...and hike a Stewart family and 80% of the rest of Provo's population.

Overall, it was a very good holiday.

And now I'm sure I need to go on a diet.


Sandra said...

It took you two meals to eat a whole cantaloupe? I have to force myself to leave some for the kids. It is my favorite food of all time.

Dominguez Family said...

Hey, fruit should "clean" you out, so I'd hold off on the diet just for now. ;-) Just for the record, I cannot stand canteloupe!

Sandra said...

Oh Dominguez Family- try it with just a titch of salt. Or even better, cut it in half, scoop out the seeds and fill the cavity with Pralines and Cream ice cream. OH Yummm.