Monday, July 13, 2009

What I'm Doing For FHE

I'll be honest.

My weekend was lousy.

I cried...a lot.

Today I'm trying to shake it off.

Tonight's plans are sure to help.

My dear Miss Marie, (aka Erika, my niece) is going to the high school track tonight to learn how to ride her bike WITHOUT training wheels.

Her mom and dad are going to be there to help her.

But she's pretty sure she needs her aunt there as well. Just in case she needs extra help.

She's reminded me at least once a day for the last 5 days.

"Don't forget that Monday night we're going to the track. You just HAVE to be there."

So I'll pretend to jog while she rides her bike.

And I'll be there...just in case.

For always and forever.


Amy said...

Thank heaven for nieces! :) Enjoy.

(also, I'm sorry about your weekend...)

Carrie said...

You are amazing....I'm not sure why we didn't get together this weekend. I was doing the same thing. Life can only get better .....Right.

Tia said...

You're the best aunt ever!!!

Manda said...

Blast...I totally forgot...I'm a bad aunt...