Monday, August 24, 2009

And The Winner Is...

I can't decide.

I shouldn't do give aways.

For sure Rachel et al. get the cookies. Ben's right. How can I resist Kate's eyes? And the fact that Allie asked me last night if she won the cookies? So CONGRATS to you!!!

The problem comes because I want to give them away to more than one person.

And I Mrs. Thompson...because she pleads a very compelling case.

But Mrs. Thompson? You've been eating salads for a week, and you've been on the treadmill that long too...are you SURE you want the cookies? I don't want you to hate me in the long run.

Mr. Woolley, I would have given them to you had you made a comment. I know how much you love chocolate chip cookies.

And Glenna, I would have given them to you too...even without a comment...but I worry that by the time they get to you they would be a big crumbly mess...I'll think of something else.

And if cookies could get to Saudi Arabia before 2012, I for sure would have sent them to Aynzan.

See...I shouldn't do give aways.

In other news -

Oh wait -

I don't have other news.

Sorry for getting your hopes up.

Want to play a game?

It's a fun game.

Here's how you play: You just add your profile to my friend's box. See how easy? And everyone's a winner!

Okay, enough of this. Tomorrow I will dazzle you with something...I'm sure of it.


Kristie said...

Lucky little kidlets! You do make yummy cookies. I especially enjoyed the warm ones while watching Prison Break.
Really I only got one because the rest were scarfed down too quickly.

David G. Woolley said...

So how, exactly, do we get these cookies?

aynzan said...

All these cookie talk is mouth watering ..By the way I 'm unable to feast on any cookies just now ,for I am fasting ,this whole month from dawn to sunset everyday!!So you can pass the cookie to......Ha! Ha!! ha!!!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Okay - you're right. I just got off the treadmill....and I don't want the cookies.

They're not worth it.

You just caught me in a weak moment.