Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mass Rebellion

Hard to believe that these 5 angels could be rebellious isn't it?

Let me say that Becca, the innocent blond on the left was the instigator.




It happened like this:

Becca and I were missionaries at the same time. She was in Ohio; I was in New York City.

She sent me a letter (because this was before the days of email) and said this,

"I want to double pierce my ears. If you do it I will."

I was shocked and dismayed.

Becca??? Miss I've Never Done Anything Wrong In My Life wanted to double pierce her ears.

And believe me, in the Dad and Mom Book of Wrong Vs. Right, this was WRONG!

I wrote her back and said "the day you do, is the day I will."

And do you know she did it. She double pierced her ears.

One day I was walking the streets of Brooklyn and I turned to my companion and Heather (who happened to be visiting at the time) and said, "Today's the day. I'm going to double pierce my ears."

They didn't believe me.

I walked into a store, sat in the chair, and said, "Will you please double pierce my left ear?"

And someone did.

Fast forward a few years.

Heather was in Chile on her mission.

We got a letter.

She double pierced her ears.

Fast forward a few years.

Tiffany was in Panama on her mission.

She didn't have her ears pierced at all.

We got a letter.

She pierced the upper part of one ear.

Fast forward a few years.

Mom and Dad were in Brazil.

Manda Lou was in Spain on her mission.

We got an email.

"Dear Family, I can't wait to tell you what I did last week!"

"I pierced my nose!!!"

I read the email and laughed.

Mom, in Brazil, read the email and called me immediately.


And poor Mom was near tears at the thought.

I laughed some more and said, "Mom, she didn't do it. I promise she's just joking."

"But how can you be sure?" Mom said with a sniffle.

"Mom, trust me, she didn't do it."

"I bet she did. Oh...her poor mission president."

(And Mom could relate because by now Dad had been a mission president for over a year.)

I sent Manda Lou an email.

"Dear Baby Sister, write your mom and tell her you were joking. And then take a picture of your nose to prove it. She won't believe it otherwise."

* * * * *

You will be happy to know that three out of the four of us let our extra piercings grow in LONG before Pres. Hinckley suggested we do so.

* * * * *

And for any of you who might not understand the whole mission concept you can go here to learn more, or you can email me and I'd be happy to explain!


Manda said...

I still remember being disappointed that I couldn't follow the tradition and double pierce my ears...blast being too young and going on a mission AFTER the announcement came out....

rplatt said...

I still look at those holes and think - dang I looked cute with two earrings! I am obedient though! :) Those were fun times. I wonder where that card went??????

Brynn said...

Talk about rebelious! You are all sinners. What a disappointment to your parents.

Amy said...

Your poor father probably doesn't even know what to do with such wicked daughters. :)

Kudos to Manda on the nose e-mail - that made me laugh out loud. Seriously.

And really? Becca started it? I would've blamed that on you. 100%.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Made me laugh and remember that my friend Andrea and I did our double piercing in the elementary school bathroom as rebelious 5th graders. Did it with a regular earing too....

Oh the blood!

Andrea almost passed out and I got grounded.

Tell your mom that she is lucky that she didn't have me as a child.

Debbie Gardner said...

What a great picture of all of you. Hey atleast you didn't pierce your belly button like I did, and at one time I had 7 piercings between the two ears, but alas I was obedient also and took them all out!