Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have nothing important to say.

Instead, I will say some unimportant things.

For instance:

McDonald's charges way too much for a vanilla ice cream cone - .96 cents - and you only get two bites worth of ice cream. Note to self: next time you crave an ice cream cone go to Taco Amigo.

The other day I was wearing this shirt

My mom looked at it and said, "Are those stripes different colors?"

I said, "Yep, they are."

She said, "But why?"


I had no answer.

At least no answer that didn't require sarcasm and since I am trying not to be sarcastic...good luck I say...

What else?

Baby Sister's boyfriend is coming to town this weekend. I guess I shouldn't call him boyfriend yet. They've never met in person. But boy do they
talk and text...all the time.

Baby Sister wanted to know what they could do. She asked for suggestions. I said, "You could always pack a picnic and ride the ski lift at Sundance."

"Oh good idea!" she said. "Except that I don't know how to get to Sundance."

I've failed in my duties as big sister...clearly. So today she drove to Sundance, with me pointing out the way. It was a practice run you see. She has to appear as if she's gone to Sundance a million and one times.

I suggested that perhaps we dine at the deli. It's a charming deli. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so...there was a line a half mile long...and it's only Thursday. Another note to self: never go to the charming deli on a Saturday. Imagine how long the line would be then!

And one final bit of unimportantness. My little blog...was famous for a day. It was featured on Mormon Times. The author of the Mormon Times Bloggernacle suggested that her readers go to my blog to see Mount Timpanogos in pictures. Whoa...the numbers were off the charts for an entire day. Many thanks Ms. Bloggernacle. You made my little blog's day!

Happy Thursday people.


Amy said...

You're famous! Congrats! :)

Also, you're a good sister for driving with Manda so she can look like she knows about Sundance. She's lucky to have you.

Manda said...

It's true Amy....I am VERY lucky to have her. But in my defense, I have only been to Sundance like....3 times? And I have never driven there...and when I don't drive, I don't really pay attention...I read or something of the sort.'s not my fault. I knew it was up the canyon, just didn't want to get lost trying to find the turn.

OzzyFamily said...

Has anyone told you lately that you are beautiful -- well, you are and don't you forget it. You look great and I too loved your pictures of timp - it brought back great memories of when I hiked it back in the day. it seems so long ago ... ahh the feeling when you reach the top and see the beauty of everything around you. its amazing.

I wouldn't be surprised if your blog becomes famous again in the future - no pressure but I predict you just might have something like that happen again, especially now that you probably have newcomers that want to see what you are up to.