Monday, August 3, 2009

Story Time

Did you know that sometimes I have back issues? I do. I'm never quite sure what happens but if I were to use my ever so superior medicinal knowledge (I'm rolling my eyes) I would say that a nerve gets pinched. And I would have to say it because the doctors never say it. They just say, "Hmmm...back pain, take ______ (whatever their drug of choice is) for a week and come back if it's not better." I don't usually go back. My love of all things doctor-ish is not great.

And with that background information, here's a story.

One morning many years ago I got up to get ready for work. I walked from my bedroom to the bathroom, took a shower, stepped out of the shower, got partially dressed, walked back to my bedroom, and then dropped to the floor in pain. With one of the steps I took getting back to my bedroom something happened, a muscle tweaked maybe, and I couldn't move. I was basically paralyzed from my lower back down.

This had happened one time before while I was vacationing in NYC with my parents. Trust me, I was not happy about it...I'm in NYC and I have to stay in bed???

I crawled to the phone and called my mom. "Mom, I'm going to be late. I hurt my back. I can't move. At all." The crawling had made the pain worse and I was stuck in the middle of my bedroom. I couldn't roll over, I couldn't stand up, I couldn't lift my I did the next best thing: I cried myself to sleep.

An hour or so later my mom called me. She said, "Noelle, where are you?"

And then I reminded her about the whole not being able to move issue. I don't think she took me very seriously because a few minutes later my little sister arrived to check on me.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Just hanging out," I replied.

"They need you at work," she said.

" do you suggest we make that happen?" I asked.

The thing is, I think she thought I was exaggerating...I think she came over to the house assuming that I was making it up so that I didn't have to go to work. (Because at the time I guess I was a liar or something, and they had no reason to believe I was actually telling the truth. I'm rolling my eyes again.)

My sister said, "Just try to get up." And so I tried. And that's when she realized ... oh, she's serious...she can't move.

She left and called our brother, who was a cop at the time. Cops can fix everything you know. But he couldn't fix this and so my sister did the next best thing. She called 911. She didn't ask my opinion first, she just dialed.

She came back and said, "I called 911. Paramedics are on their way."

I just shook my head and said, "Well, looks like you better figure out a way to help me get some pants on." A girl's got to have a shred of pride. I had no make up on, my hair was still in a towel...but to be seen wearing only a t-shirt? It was just too much.

The nice paramedics (who were even nicer because my brother was a cop) arrived and assessed the situation.

Their assessment: "She can't move."

I was in awe of their brilliance.

They lifted me onto a stretcher and carried me up the stairs, through the house, and out the front door.

One of the paramedics said, "We can cover you with a sheet if you would like. That way the neighbors won't see you." I said it was a lovely idea.

I looked at my sister and said, "Well Miss 911 caller, looks like you better call Mom."

The parental figures were NOT happy about the 911 call and the subsequent ambulance and stuff...but they met me at the hospital...where I was hooked up to a morphine drip...for 5 hours.

It helped...but only temporarily.

I was out of commission for a week. It was a LONG week.

What made me think of this story you wonder? I got out of bed this morning and discovered that my back the 'one wrong move and I'll tweak' kind of way.

I said "Back, DON'T YOU DARE!" It didn't...guess I scared it.


Platt Lucky 7 said...

Sweetie, how do you blog every single day and still make it interesting. Amazing!! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree Nellie, you are just too good at this stuff... maybe you missed your true calling, journalism?

Tiffany said...

Once upon a time I didn't take back pain in others very seriously. Kind of a 'you could get over it if you wanted to' approach. That didn't change until I hurt my own back. Oh! It's real. Hope your back continues to mind it's P's and Q's.

The world has become even smaller with blogs. I think it's so funny you actually knew who I was! I never saw pictures from that trip... I didn't know there were any.

Your uncle Gordon is a wonderful person. It's great that you have a close relationship with him. It was a long time ago, but you never forget your first love. Please say hello for me.

You're an excellent story teller. Keep it up.

aynzan said...

Your recounting of the back pain was interesting.I know it's awful, I 've experienced this pain , but not severe as yours.

Amy said...

I'd be scared if you "you'd better not"ed me.....just sayin.

Sorry about all the eye rolling required for this story, do you have a headache? I rolled my eyes with you every time, and I kind do.....I'm a dramatic eye roller.