Friday, August 28, 2009

This Is What's On My Mind

Be forewarned: there is no point to anything I'm going to say today.

My friend, who you might know as Mr. Thompson and Me, is taking bagpipe lessons. She thinks she's really bad at it. Won't you all please leave her a word of encouragement in my comment section? You're not retarded J - maybe you're just a late bloomer where bagpipes are concerned.

Last night Becca and I were hanging out in our upstairs hallway. We have the world's best couches, and bedrooms with lots of comfortable furniture, but we chose the hallway to have our nightly chat. (Perhaps it's because we're in love with my new bookshelf and we just like to be near it.) Becca handed me a sock and said, "Smell this." Now, I'm not usually in the habit of smelling socks but I humored her. The scent was a perfect blend of Clorox and laundry detergent, and it was intoxicating. We passed the sock back and forth for a few minutes, taking turns smelling it. Don't you wish you could hang out with us???

My niece Gabi...bless her heart. Every time she sees me she comments on my eyes.

"Noelle, your eyes are really red. Did you not sleep last night?" (Visine eye drops can't fool her.)

"Noelle, your eyes are just white! That means you're not tired!"

When I take the time to actually do something other than a ponytail with my hair (which isn't often because do you know how long it takes just to dry it?) Gabi says, "Noelle, you really need to cut your hair. It's too long."

And just the other night Gabi looked up at me and said in a somewhat exasperated voice, "Noelle, are you married yet?"

I now own a library card. My first since I was about 12. It's a proud moment.

The other day I went in search of my dad. His truck, which was full of logs, was in the parking lot so I knew he was around. I found him in the store. I said hi. He said, "Do you have a minute to talk?" I said yes. He said, "I've been thinking that it's time I give you a portion of your inheritance." Maybe if your dad said that to you, you would have legitimate reason to get excited. But when my dad said it to me I asked, "What, you're going to give away the logs you have in the back of your truck? Make sure it's equitable."

He laughed and said, "Aren't you funny..." Yes, as a matter of fact, on occasion I think I am.

He wasn't talking about logs...just his rock collection. (Okay...maybe not.)

And finally...the other night I was leaving Target when an old lady stopped me and asked how to get to Staples. She was cute...and very Latin. I tried explaining it to her but then said, "Would you like me to just take you there?"

"Oh mi hija, would your really?" So she, with all of her packages, climbed into my car and off we went.

After she gave me a very detailed description of what was in each bag she said, "Are you Mormona?"

I said I was.

"I knew it. I'm catholic, but Dios is the same for everyone ... and I knew you were Mormona because you're so kind."

I dropped her off at Staples and asked if she would like me to wait and then take her home. "Oh no, mi hija, you can leave. But que Dios te bendiga (God bless you) and much gracias."

So I drove off with her standing at the curb waving.

My mom doesn't always approve that I pick up random strangers and give them rides...but I meet the nicest people that way!

Okay...enough pointlessness (is that a word?) for today. Happy Friday.


Amy said...

Dear Noelle,

Please mail me that sock.


PS Do not mail me Gabi. While she is adorable, I can't handle that kind of honesty right now.

Sandra said...

To Mr. Thompson and Me,
I have always wanted to learn the bagpipes. I have a chanter but no fingering chart and have no idea what to do with my chanter. Maybe you should teach me and that will help you practice and get better and my chanter can stop sitting on the shelf in my closet gathering dust.

David G. Woolley said...

Tell M-TAM (Mr. Thompason and Me) that there's no way anyone, including her, could tell if she's playing bagpipes well or not. Know what I mean?

Gabi is the best.

David G. Woolley said...

How do you think I met Noelle? I was a random stranger in a street corner in Guatemala. And I knew right off that she was Mormona.

Dominguez Family said...

I think learning the bagpipes is terrific. I have always dreamed of playing the banjo. Jump in with both feet and have fun!

Debbie Gardner said...

Your cousin Debbie is having as much success with the banjo as your friend with the bagpipes, sigh! :( Love that you use your blog to journal so much. I need to do less pics and more journaling! Your stories are fun!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

The Ghost of William Wallace must have finally intervened because my music actually sounded like music last night.


Sandra - I'll teach you how to play the chanter and promise that I won't be as onry as Pipe Major Dennis (aka: Hitler).

Dominguez Family and Debbie - let's start a banjo/bagpipe band!

Woolley - I'm glad you're back. Can we still be EBFFs?