Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Toast and 1989

Dear Anonymous who left a comment on my blog last night:

You're toast. Really. I mean it. I'm sure you're smart enough to figure out why.

With love and adoration,



With that out of the way, I found this last night and wanted to share:

Taken from my journal - August 9, 1989 (I was 13)

"Well I haven't written for a long time because I have been so busy. I will write about my brothers and sisters so my kids will know how they were when we were little."

"Becca: Well she is just the same as ever: short and obnoxious. She and I have become really good friends lately. She is so sweet to be around. Let's see, she is sweet when she wants to be. She is a big tease and she always says 'I'm going on a diet' but she never does." (She was 13 too)

"Jared: A really great brother! He is always such a tease. He always knows what to do to make us feel happier. He is working on getting his eagle award. Just beginning to get zits and it's about time." (Amazingly, he was 13 too)

"Heather: She just wants to grow up too fast. She is just as cute as can be but the problem is that she knows it. At times she can be really stuck up." (She was 11)

"Ben: Walking Disaster! He is so neat except that sometimes he's a little messed up. If you ever need anything taken apart ASK BEN!" (He was 11 too)

"Tiffany: Typical 9 year old. Spoiled rotten. She can be really sweet but at times rather ornery!"

"Amanda: She is so cute! Today she really wanted to go on Jared's paper route but she couldn't. She got on her shoes and took off after him. I had to go and get her." (She was 4)


Considering that I may not have children who will want to know what their aunts and uncles were REALLY like (because the opinion of 13 year old me really means something) I thought all of you should know.

Don't you feel enlightened?

Oh...and just for the record...

Ben is still a walking disaster.


Manda said...

Such fun siblings we have...not much has changed...I'm still too young to do anything *sigh*

Amy said...

Is it bad that I'm cringing for each of your siblings? Man! 13 year olds are HARSH! No wonder I hated Jr. High.

aynzan said...

This is interesting ! Revives my childhood ..the fun and frolicking I had with my seven siblings!!!

Manda said...

No need to cringe for me Fugal, I was cute ;) She still liked me at that point.