Friday, September 4, 2009

On A More Serious Note...

For several years I taught the 12 and 13 year old girls at church.

I loved them all but I had a few favorites ... can I admit that publicly? I guess I just did -

One of those favorites lives next door to my parents. She's 20 now, and beautiful. I have watched her grow up and move away from home and then move back ... because she has a really aggressive type of cancer - and she's fighting for her life.

Last night I sat with her and her mom and her sisters on their lawn. We talked about her cancer, about how they went hat and scarf shopping yesterday, about how she ate Taco Bell for lunch because it sounded good, about how her mom was happy that finally something sounded good, about how she has to do chemo and radiation for the next YEAR, about how she mostly just feels sick all the time, about the wig she bought...

And her mom told me how grateful she is that her daughter doesn't know what to expect - how grateful she is that her daughter only has to live her life one day at a time. But the mom, and the dad, and the sisters...they do know what to expect because they went through this once before when their daughter/sister was just one or two years old. She doesn't remember it, but she had to fight for her life then too...with the same kind of cancer.

It's a juvenile cancer; one she's not even supposed to get at her age. It really doesn't seem fair.

And as I sat on the lawn last night talking to my dear little friend, I wished that I could do more.

It's a wish we all make when someone we love is suffering. All I can do is love her and add my faith to that of her family.

When you think about it sometime, say an extra prayer for my friend Tiffanie, and for her family, please?

And thank you.


adrienzgirl said...

I assume someone already put her name in the temple, but I know sometimes with things like this people can forget when overwhelmed with the day to day. I will remember her too in my prayers! (Hugs) I know you probably need a hug too! I have a friend that is battling breast cancer right now. The first time she got diagnosed with cancer we were in 4th grade together. They didn't give her a very good prognosis when we were little, and they certainly didn't think she would make it to the ripe 'ole age of 37. But here we are, battling cancer again. Some people just have the will to beat it, ya know?

Manda said...

And that...just made me cry. It's so sad that she has to go through it again. Such a sweet girl.

Amy said...

My heart breaks for her. And for the whole family. Do they know how many people love them? Do they know how many of us are praying? Do they know they aren't alone? I certainly haven't done my part to prove it to them (shame on me), but they are certainly on my mind and in my prayers. I just wish we could.....I dunno.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Life just isn't fair.

Sometimes you make me laugh...sometimes you make me cry.

Tonight you made me cry. Heartfelt prayers for Tiffanie.

Leslie said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your friend is strugging with such a serious illness. I'll be thinking and praying for her.