Friday, September 11, 2009

What's Happening In Your World Today?

I've been craving microwave popcorn for a while now. I finally bought some last night. Any minute now I'm going to give in to that craving - even if it isn't lunchtime yet.

Don't ever be the first person to walk through a row of trees in the morning - unless you like eating spiderwebs, or at least being covered with them. Man those spiders are busy during the night.

How do you feel about Ellen being the new judge on American Idol? I'm not particularly sad to see Paula go (her inability to form a complete sentence kind of drove me crazy)...but Ellen? Really?

I bought something off of a TV commercial: The AB Circle Pro. Check it out on's going to change my life. Want to know what sold me? It was seeing a lady cry as she talked about how it changed her life.

They promise I'm going to lose 10 pounds in two weeks. I'm not going to hold them to that body is in an eternal holding pattern where weight is concerned. But if I don't get abs like the model...that's a different story.

Paul Cardall got a heart. Don't know his story? You should read it. My brother read the news on KSL this morning. Want to know one of the reasons I love my brother? It's because he got teary eyed when he told me about it. He doesn't even know Paul; he just likes his music.

I'm hiking Timp the middle of the night again...with my sister and the young women in her ward. We're leaving at 3 am. For the record, I never said I had any common sense. I just said I like to hike.

My friend Rodger is, at this very moment, running the Wasatch. It's a 100 mile race. I'm absolutely certain he has no common sense. He just likes to run.

My little 2 year old niece Samantha, who I absolutely adore, was riding her bike yesterday and she backed right into the swimming pool. Her big sister Erika yelled for Daddy, who jumped into the pool, phone and all. Daddy saved her. Want to know the most amazing part of the story? When her daddy got to her, Sammy was floating on her back, with her face above the water.

I hope that in your world you believe in guardian angels. In my world, I most certainly do.

And finally, I choose not to focus too closely on what this day represents...when I do I end up with a wad of tissues and really red eyes. May I just say that I'm grateful to those who fight for our country and defend our freedom, and I pray for them and their families.

Oh...and one more friend Mrs. Thompson, she's my hero. She's seen some tough stuff in her career with the Red Cross. She was in NYC working as the disaster something or other for the Red Cross on 9-11. (Sorry friend, I can't remember your title.) The things she's seen...well, it's too much for anyone to have in their memory bank. She wrote a beautiful post today. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you read it.

Have a good weekend friends.


Sandra said...

And we thank you for your prayers on their behalf. And my boys will be home by the 25 of this month instead of the day after Thanksgiving. We are so happy.

Amy said...

Popcorn, a rescue mission and a heart for Paul Cardall - that's a pretty dang good day. (see, I'm trying not to talk about today too...)

Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm not sure what I think about Ellen. Is she a music professional? I know she likes music, but how much does she really know about it? I guess I'll just have to see.