Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Confession of Sorts

The sunrise this morning was beautiful! Did you see it?

Because I feel like we're family, and because I feel like I can tell you almost anything, I'm going to tell you something. I'm really hoping that you'll refrain from mocking me - although it's going to be hard. I know because there's a chance I would mock someone else for saying the same thing.

Before I tell you what I've done I want you to know that 70% (at least) of the reason I did what I did was because of you. That's how much I think of you, my readers. You come to my blog to get a good story, and trust me when I tell you, what I've done will give you good stories. it is:

I signed up on an on-line dating site... (and I cringe)

I know, I know...what was I thinking???

I've done this once before and I lasted one month. And in that month I proved to myself that perhaps I'm not cut out for this dating thing.

I'm usually STRONGLY opposed to the on-line thing...not for others, I wish them all the luck in the world. It's just for me that I'm I'm not sure what got into me.

Except that I really did think "but the stories you could tell...think of the stories..."

Within 24 hours of signing up I had 23 messages/flirts in my email. (Need to know what a flirt is? It's a message someone sends that says 'you're cute' or 'I'm interested in you' or 'love at first sight'...etc.)

Here's my favorite message so far:

"Well? I'm so sorry you haven't met that guy of your dreams, yet! But I would like to have an opportunity to see if I meet ur expectations?I am laid back and take things as they come, I love the outdoors and especially if its with a special person, maybe like you! I look forward to hearing from you! Let's take the first step towards what could be a great adventure!"

You're jealous aren't you! (Either that or you're hugging your spouse, saying "THANK YOU!"...and you should be.)

I don't know people, I may need my head examined.

I've committed to myself that I will see this through for three months. Get comfy, three months is a lot of story time!


Tia said...

It's okay, we can compare stories. I'm thinking about renewing my contract. Talk me out of it!!!!

Michelle said...

Noelle, I am speechless. For me that is huge! I look forward to reading about your many adventures...(and good luck!)

Tiffany said...

Go get 'em tiger!

I can't wait to hear it all... the good, the bad and the ugly.

David G. Woolley said...

Hilarious. Can't wait. Even if you find the man of your dreams, there's got to be some serious not-in-your-dreams moments before prince charming twitters you a flirt.

And she did it to herself. Priceless. How many people do you know willingly stick their toe in a mouse trap? Kiss a toad? Or suck the guts out of a lemon?

There's a spanish dicho for this. Sin verguenza. That's you honey. !Totalmente sin verguenza!

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I'm laughing so hard that I fell on the floor.


Tami said...

Ok seriously Noelle, you had better be careful. No funny story (which I appreciate as much as the next girl) is worth the nonsense you may be getting into. I hope you have nothing but amazing, good, fun experiences!!!!! Love ya!

David G. Woolley said...

News flash on this submit-your-bio-to-an-online-dating-service thing. Just because YOU like to hike and YOU like the outdoors, if you put "I like the outdoors" on a survey like this you're going to get some very green people flirting your inbox. Tree huggers. Granolas. You know, the type of guy who blows up McDonald's over the weekend to save cows. Releases minks from the mink farm. And spends vacation time saving the planet from global warming by, say, sucking all the CO2 gas up with a straw. You know the type. Maybe you should dispense with the "I enjoy the outdoors" line and put something on there like, I enjoy a good walk now and then.

Just watching out for you.

Sandra said...

Ok, Noelle, all I am going to say is this: I am going to let all those that have never signed up on one of these sites mock you. And then I am going to sit back and wait for the stories.

And I know there will be stories.

adrienzgirl said...

My sister met her husband in a Mormon chat room on AOL years ago. They are happily married with three beautiful children! You can so do this! Lots of luck! But, if we get to enjoy some stories...that will totally rock too! Just sayin'

Mary said...

I look forward to hearing your stories.:)

Online singles has worked for 2 of my siblings and my dad had a blast with it. He actually kept a folder with all the ladies' profiles in. That was a little weird after coming home from the mission. There are definitely stories to be had.
One word of advice: don't go across the country to meet people. You aren't old enough to do that!

Anonymous said...

Online dating? Noelle?!! I'm laughing hysterically. THAT is how you guys met? So cool, i tell you. So VERY ROMANTIC!

I'm grinning wide :D

Anonymous said...

I am re-reading this now, because I've read it when you linked to it once.

I am gripping my seat handles tighter! Story-telling unfolds! Yay!! :D