Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here's What Happens At Heather's House

Last night I stopped at my sister's house to say hi. (And to get a chocolate chip cookie. If she had planned on keeping the cookies a secret she shouldn't have called me for the recipe.)

When I walked in the back door she said, "I've been needing an adult to walk through that door for two hours. Can you put bows around the packages of cookies?"

(I know, her calling me an adult surprised me too. I looked at my nieces and said, "Did you hear that? Your mommy thinks I'm an adult!" She just rolled her eyes.)

I sat at the table and dutifully tied bows. Although, if truth be known, I'm a lousy bow tier...always have been. My Christmas packages don't get homemade's store bought or nothing.

Sami, who is 2, sat on the table next to me and played with my hair. She gave me a shy smile and said, "I love you." She was buttering me up because when I turned away she opened one of the packages of cookies and ate half a cookie before I caught her. I laughed, hugged her, and said, "Sami, I'm so proud of you!" (My sister rolled her eyes again.)

So while Sami and I ate contraband cookies, Erika and Gabi sat at the other end of the table coloring. I was telling my sister about my lunch date and I was complaining about a zit that just happened to appear yesterday.

Erika said, "What's a zit?"

I showed her and she scrunched up her nose. "Just wait Miss Marie (that's what I call her)...just you wait."

Then I said, "Girls, why don't you pray that my zit goes away by tomorrow?" They said they would, and then the conversation changed to other things.

Later, when I was leaving, Gabi said, "Noelle, I promise that tonight when I go to bed I'm going to pray that your zit goes away." I thanked her and told her that in return I would pray that her cough would go away.

She said, "I'll pray for your zit, you pray for my cough, and then we'll go to Hollywood! Even though I don't know what Hollywood is, or where it is."

Erika, the much wiser older sister said, "Gabs, Hollywood is where the movie stars live."

And with Hollywood to look forward to, I snuck another cookie and walked out the door.


Tiffany said...


David G. Woolley said...

Just say yes. Isn't this they guy who is the lawyer? What are you thinking? Marry the guy and then you can become a customer at the nursery and buy tons of trees and plants for your mansion house. Seriously. Who better to landscape and decorate than a former nursery manager with experience choosing colors for homes.

Yes. Yes. Yes. I do. I do. Go for it.

Amy said...

He's cute! I hope you have (or had...I'm confused, when is the date?) a fantastic lunch with him.

Anonymous said...

Your family has the prettiest pictures!

I get pica every time you mention a cookie. Whenever we meet, you HAVE TO bake me cookies.