Monday, October 5, 2009

I Love A Good Weekend

Saturday night I spent 4 hours sitting around a camp fire...I love camp fires.

We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs, and drank punch from a paint can. (Don't ask. I didn't.)

We were running out of wood and so we called Rodger and said, "Bring logs...and pickles." (Because I really wanted to eat pickles.)

My friend's brother, who I had only met once before, got up and headed off to the trailer. When he came back he brought with him a jar of pickles.

He and I ate the entire jar.

When I got home Becca said, "You stink."

Four hours of camp fire sitting = a cold, but it was well worth it.

Earlier in the day I was cleaning our back patio - getting it ready for winter. I was sporting a hat and some grubby jeans and a sweatshirt. I stopped at my mom's house for something and was greeted by my delightful niece Gabi. She's 4.

She looked me up and down and said, "Noelle, tomorrow when you come to Grandma's house you will look pretty right?" And then she told me just what to wear to guarantee said prettiness.

Every six months our church has a conference that is televised, where we are taught by our leaders. This weekend was that conference. I feel renewed and spiritually fed.

It was a good weekend.

What did you do?


Sandra said...

Watched said conference, grocery shopping, laundry, halloween decorating, soccer game, made 10 more bracelets for boutique in Nov. and dropped a book off for you.

Leslie said...

This past summer when I was preparing to go to YW girls camp, I asked the girls what treats they'd like to have and pickles was put on the list. It was my first time ever eating pickles around a campfire and I loved it! Don't think I'll camp again without them. yum!

That's funny about your niece and her prettiness requirement. One of two of my kids have told me before that I'm prettier with makeup on. True but still!

adrienzgirl said...

The hubby and I took our 7yr on a date to the book store while his big sister took his brothers cosmic bowling, then Saturday we had a skating birthday party, and since Sunday is for rest, we spent the majority of the day lounging on the couch having a Rocky marathon thanks to the hubby.

Sounds like you had fun too!

Daniel and Elise said...

We did our annual Alpine Loop drive :) It was cold, and fun! And we enjoyed Conference at our apartment where the tot could sleep and we could actually watch least until he woke up :)

DakerMom said...

Don't you love kids honesty?!! It's so innocent and great, even when they're insulting you. Thanks for stopping by too btw!

Amy said...

Mmmmm campfire and pickles. Sounds perfect.

Anonymous said...

Pretty made me laugh! Your nieces are so cool! :)

I love the spiritually fed part.

Answering about what I did- left the house to go meet a friend after 2 and a half weeks. Thanking God for the fact that I didn't cross a month of not going out, this time.

Totally unhealthy- mentally. Got to start going out. The butt needs to know it's permitted proportions.