Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm Back!

Happy Birthday!!! Oh wait...that already Disneyland. As far as birthday locations go, Disneyland is not half bad. Did you know that Sept. 28, our birthday, is also a Jewish holiday? We didn't until we asked a nice lady in the Toy Story line, "Why is it so crowded today?" That's when we learned about the Jewish holiday, and that most of California didn't have school. We ALWAYS manage to plan our vacation around California's vacations. Silly girls.

Speaking of Toy Story...have you been on the newest ride in California Adventure? I would highly recommend it. We stood in the 40 minute line 5 TIMES - that's how much we enjoyed it.

We didn't take many pictures on account of our hair being wet half the time. Did you know if you ride a water ride with Becca by your side, you will get at least twice as wet as you would otherwise? True story.

My desk is piled high with stuff to catch up on...and my email is full of emails to read...and the blogs I've missed...oh my!

So rather than bore you with details of Disneyland I will go and try to organize my life once again.

Tomorrow's blog is sure to dazzle...maybe...if I come up with something dazzling to say!

OH....and ONE MORE THING...none of you guessed what my big news is...maybe that's what I'll tell you tomorrow.

Have a happy day people!


Camaree Staheli said...

So glad you are back! I was going through withdrawals when you didn't post for a couple of days. :)

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

I know your secret. But it's kind of cheating because I think you felt sorry for me and spilt it.

Does it involve....decorating?

Sarah Brown said...

I'll be back to find out the news! I am a new follower

Lani said...

Thank you so much for helping with and participating in my fundraiser! I'm glad you had a good time at Disney!
That is funny that in CA, school lets out for Jewish holidays.. here, they let out for Rodeo Day:) Here's to hoping the real estate market picks up before my kids hit school age:)
Can't wait to hear the news:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, i remember reading Sept 27, as your birthday, when i read your initial posts. I'm going to have to know the right date.

Love that picture!